Help Indecisive Kid Pick A Halloween Costume

At 4.5, my daughter has been chatting about Halloween pretty much since last November 1 last year. And every day since then, she has come up with a new costume idea. She wants to be "something spooky" then she wants to be a princess, then a queen, then a superhero. One day, I finally just started working on the costumes based off her latest idea.

Since we do a family costume every year, I did not have a million years for her to make up her mind, but even still, it can be infuriating to nail a kid down on what they want to wear for Halloween. Who can blame them, really? There is so much fun stuff to choose from, after all.

So, here are some tips to help move things along. After all, you only have a month, now!

  1. Let her be more than one: No one said she can only pick one. Between school dress up, trick-or-treat and parties, there are a lot of opportunities to play dress-up. So let them! Last year my daughter had four costumes and it was a blast.
  2. Pick yourself: Tell her what she is going to be and eliminate choice. This works great with little ones and a little less great with older ones, but it will sometimes still work. After all, making these choices is stressful for them, too!
  3. Put names in a hat: If she has five things she wants to be, put all the names in a hat and draw. Then get to work right away so she can't undo it or rethink it.
  4. Pick your own costume: Once he sees you have decided, he will feel the pressure and decide for himself once and for all on that fireman or Luke Skywalker costume.
  5. Do a joint one: If she and a friend go in on a costume together (Power Puff Girls or Wizard of Oz characters) she can't back out as easily or she is letting someone down.

How do you get your kid to decide?


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