5 First Day of School Looks Your Kids Will Love

back to schoool fashionThere's nothing cuter than a sharp-dressed kid waiting for the school bus. Maybe you're attached to last year's threads, but it's time to take a look at what's coming down the fashion pike for kids this fall. Hanging around Los Angeles just in time for the back-to-school looks to show themselves, I've discovered some super fun and stylish looks to inspire your back-to-school shopping.

Here are five looks that I've seen around town that will be sweeping the nation as soon as that first bell rings.








The Floral Print

Just in case you weren't 100 percent sure the '90s were back, it's totally true. Pick up a floral print dress for your kid, throw on some leggings, and she'll be ahead of the curve on day one.

back to schoool fashionYes, Jacket Required

Shun casual Fridays, and throw a suit jacket on with your tie-less Oxford. But don't forget your slip-ons to show everyone that you know how to take it easy.

back to schoool fashionBright Colors, Mad Stripes

Be bold, like you're on the red carpet instead of walking the halls on the big first day. If you mix and match it up, you'll be as hip as up-and-coming actress Madison Moellers at the Spy Kids 4 premiere. For reals. Just throw on some shades to shield your eyes from the paps.

back to schoool fashionHipster, in a Great Way

Dark denim or cords are a back-to-school must, but don't forget the wallet chain! (Remember what I said about the '90s being back?) A perfect way to rock the tie but show you're still ready for after-school fun is to pair it with short-sleeve button-up, untucked. The wrist watch shows you know how to kick it, old school.

back to schoool fashionCasual/Fancy

One of the coolest looks for fall comes when you mix up the genres. This cute gal is rocking the graphic tee (that goes so well with the kid-sized Converse) with some nice faux jewels. Backwards engineer cap is a playground look you'll want to copy.

What's your favorite fall fashion for kids?


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