7 Back-to-School Gear Essentials for Your Kids

back to school essentialsYou may be walking through the department store these days, in awe at how much equipment is being presented to you as a back-to-school must-have. A talking dictionary? Is that really necessary? In order not to get sucked into the excitement of back-to-school shopping and instead protect your monthly budget, stick to the basics.

There are really only a few things your kid absolutely has to have when it comes to gear. Seven, in fact. Here's the essential list of back-to-school gear, no more, no less.

  1. Lunch Box -- Unless your child is a straight-up cafeteria kid, he's going to need a way to tote his meals back and forth from home. Luckily, there are a lot of cool options available to your stylish ones.
  2. Pencils -- Even if your school leans more iPad than Trapper Keeper, your child will need a writing utensil. Just be sure to find out the preferred type (pen, pencil, crayon) before you head to the store.
  3. Pencil/Supplies Case -- Let's assume your kid loses things, because she's a kid. Having a secure case to hold onto the school supplies will save you money in the long run.
  4. Art Supplies: Markers, Paints, Crayons -- First find out what kind of art your child will be working on, then buy appropriately. Don't send it all at once; instead, hoard a few for home so the lessons can continue.
  5. Notebook -- Spiral, composition, binder, or loose-leaf, your child will need some paper. Again, find out what's expected before you hit the stores, so you don't have to head back again.
  6. Backpack -- And all of this stuff, along with books, will go into one sturdy backpack. Make sure you choose substance over style for optimal longevity.
  7. Sneakers -- You may have a fashion plate that insists on a different style of shoe for every day of the week, but what she'll actually need is simply a good pair of kicks. Make sure she can go from gym class to chemistry easily in the perfect sneaks. Go for comfort, but let her pick out the style, and you'll only have to buy one pair.

Are you ready to send your kid back to school?


Image via OliBac/Flickr

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