9-Year-Old Hero Saves Toddler From Drowning


poolI've always taken pride in the fact that I'm not a scaredy cat kind of mom. Kid's eating dirt? Good! You need a pound before you die. Kid's spotted a snake in the backyard? Well then stay away from it silly! But throw a pool in front of me, and start your helicopter engines. I'm not letting that kid more than an arm's length away.

You'll understand how the story of 9-year-old Ishaan Singh, who saw the body of a 3-year-old girl resting in the bottom of pool at a California apartment complex, practically gave me heart palpitations. Singh is 100 percent hero material; he jumped right in and saved the toddler while an adult saved the kid's grandpa who was also in the pool. That's some money well spent on swimming lessons!

Everyone is OK now -- Singh, the little girl, even Grandpa. But the fact that the little girl's family was seemingly doing the right thing at the pool to begin with has left me, well, scared. 

She was in the pool with a responsible adult. And the last anyone saw them, he was paying attention to her. Doctors are trying to determine how Grandpa and the little girl ended up at the bottom of the pool, but there's a possibility he had a heart attack. With the child unable to swim herself, she was close to drowning before the heroic 9-year-old dove in.

That is what bothers me: the idea that kids who don't know how to swim get into a pool. Sure, you need to start somewhere, and even kids who can't swim get hot in the summer. Maybe I'm extra nervous because my daughter has been resisting her swimming lessons this summer like a prototypical stubborn 6-year-old. I've taken comfort in knowing that she always, always, always has an adult on hand. But as this story just proved, having a responsible adult on hand isn't enough. Disaster can strike at any time. Kids need to know how to swim. You never know when they'll be faced with saving a life -- and it might be their own. 

Do your kids know how to swim?


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momto... momtolittleg

Mine is only 3, and she usually has her swimmies or a life jacket on in the pool.  She's a lot more confident this year than she was last year, but cautious enough that I feel she's on the right track.  Her BFF is another story- NO FEAR.  That kid will jump right in the pool with no one to catch her, and go underwater.  The swimmies her parents have for her don't keep her very well afloat.  She scares the CRAP out of me in the water!  She's had several rounds of swimming lessons, but she can't swim on her own.

As a former lifeguard, i feel confindent that I can teach my daughter to swim, but I'm doing it a little bit at a time.

nonmember avatar Melissa

I had both my kids in lessons at 6 months old. At about 18 months, if you pushed them off the edge of a pool, they could turn themselves around, make it to the edge and hand-over-hand around the side of the pool to the stairs. At 5-8 they continue to take lessons. To me, swimming is a life skill. Not optional...they MUST be able to swim.

tyrel... tyrelsmom

I've gotta get mine into lessons. It's just that it's a 1/2 hour drive, each way. I've never gotten around to it. But I promised myself just the other day that the next time I'm in town (probably tomorrow), I'll look into it.


my dd is four and took swimming lessons this year she swims pretty whell but im still within arms reach

Leele... Leelee1008

my oldest can swim enough in a pool with adults around, my youngest son NO, I want to get them into swim lessons soon, and my dd when she gets a little older

nonmember avatar Anon

I put my kids in lessons starting at age 3. Before that, I would have needed to bring another adult along to each lesson (my kids are 3 mos apart), which wasn't feasible. Before lessons, I didn't take my kids anywhere near a pool. But my confidence went up along with theirs. I take them once a week and they do spend part of their time in the deep end. It encourages them to put more effort into swimming. They can now swim the width of the pool. I hang out in the deep water but do not insist on being at arm's length most of the time. (That would be hard to do with two kids.)

Madel... Madelaine

Wonderful!  Our kids have all had swim lessons.

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