3 Ways to Get Your Kid Excited About Kindergarten

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excited about kindergartenIf you have a child that is starting kindergarten this fall, you may be thinking a lot more about how you're feeling about your baby becoming a big kid. Pride mingled with sadness, followed by, "How the heck did this happen?" is filling your head right about now. While you do need to practice saying goodbye without bursting into tears, your child also needs some reassurances about this major step in his or her life.

Marching up to the front doors of the school with confidence is a great way to begin the year. You can help your kid be ready and get excited for kindergarten by doing these three things before the first school bell rings.

1. Get to Know Your Classmates

One of the scariest things about starting school could be the fear of whether or not your kindergartner will make friends. Walking into a room of strangers is challenging at any age, but luckily it's very appropriate to set up play dates with other kids who will be in your child's class. Meet at a park, on neutral ground, and let the kids get to know each other. That way, there will be some familiar faces on her first day, and she has someone to look forward to seeing once she walks into the classroom.

2. Take Your Kid to the Store

You'll be given a pretty significant list of items your child will need in the classroom. Instead of taking care of it on your lunch hour, make a date with your child. Start the date or end it with a special lunch, trip to the ice cream shop, or a movie. While you're at the store, let your child pick out his supplies and gear. Even if you're not crazy about a Spider-Man lunch box, if he'll be stoked to carry it every day, let him have it.

3. Let Your Kindergartner Go on a Tour

If it's not already pre-arranged for you to visit the classroom before the first day, call the principal and ask if your child can come by to see where she'll be spending so much time in the next year. Before you go, talk to your child about what she's most excited about learning -- that way, you can be sure and point out the art studio, the library, or the playground. Focusing on what she is most interested in and allowing her to visualize herself doing it will go a long way in creating enthusiasm for school.

Is your child excited about starting kindergarten?


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Ashley Spilik Labadie

My son is so excited about school. I think he is a little nervous. I love your idea about making the school supply shopping a "mini date" with him!! His school actually has a four day camp that prepares them for what a day of Kindergarten will be like. I really like this idea so that he gets use to school.

purpl... purpleducky

My son is excited about school without doing any of that, lol. He loves school. He loves to learn. However, he was excited when he picked out his backpack and got to go to the popsicle social last week (it was to meet the new principle).

nonmember avatar Christine

My daughter is in her first day of Kindergarten TODAY!!! I am officially the mom of a Kindergartener :) My daughter has been ready to start kindergarten since she started pre - school LOL All summer it was a countdown to this wonderful first day. We met her teacher and saw the school last Friday, and on Saturday she was wanting to fix her lunch in her new lunchbox for school! Today her dad and I took her to her class and she sat down at her seat and started coloring the Lion mascot of her school. She had a huge smile on her face as we left our baby in the care of her teacher. I can't wait to hear all about her day when I pick her up this afternoon!!!! :)

choff... choffice3

My daughter is not looking forward to starting Kindergarten.  We attended the Kick Off this past week, and she was doing great until she realized her desk will sit between two little boys.  She was in tears, she told me she didn't want to sit between 2 boys.  Now I'm trying to focus on other aspects of Kindergarten that I know she will love.  So far it's not been easy.  She starts on Wednesday!  Yikes!

iam4you2 iam4you2

My son is looking forward to kindergarten

Princ... PrincessPeach06

My 5 year old is super excited and keeps counting down the days :)

nonmember avatar cat

My daughter is so excited about Kindergarten. Unfortunately they have open house in April and school starts in August so there is a long wait.

penny... pennycandy

One of my twins is very excited while the other doesn't seem to care. They are already familiar with the school because they went one day a week last school year for speech therapy.

ceciliam ceciliam

My son is on the fence but mostly he is not excited. He thinks it is going to be boring. We have already started getting our school supply list and that was fun.

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