5 Lunchboxes That Are Too Cool for School

best lunch boxesAdmit it, you're just a little bit excited about back-to-school shopping. All those cute clothes, pencil boxes, and fat pencils are calling your name. And the lunchboxes! Don't get me started on the lunchboxes they have for kids today. If I didn't work from home, I'd pick one up and pretend I didn't know it was meant for small people. They're looking very cool, parents. In fact, these five lunchboxes are so design-forward that some mom out there will definitely be rocking one of them at her office.

Let's just say if you pick one of these five amazing food carriers, your child will always have a spot at the cool kid table.


Goodbyn Reusable Lunch Box

Made from recyclable plastic, the Goodbyn lunchbox ($24.95) will serve many purposes in your child's hands: Lunch (duh), Creative Outlet (with enclosed stickers), and Warning (allergy labels included).

best lunch boxesOots!

BPA-free, bright orange, compact, and cool, the Oots! has it all. Your kid won't even look like he's carrying a PB & J in that bag ($31.25) as he rolls up to the lunchroom.

best lunch boxes2-Tiered Bento Panda Face

The Bento is still way trendy for school, and bonus points if you're a food stylist for your kids. The Panda Face is especially adorable and has two tiers to keep it separated ($13.90). By the way, you're going to need those bonus points because you'll be exhausted from staying up until midnight detailing those Star Wars figure rice and bean plates.

best lunch boxesPackit Freezable Lunch Bag

A much-improved take on the paper bag lunch, Packit Freezables ($19.99) come in so many cool designs you can please every mini hipster in your house. Designed to keep your food cooler longer (hence the name "Freezable"), Packit is perfect for the kid who eats yogurt every day.

best lunch boxesLunchBots

This stainless steel and affordable lunch box ($17.99) is for the kid that has her lunch all sorted out. Two big sections mean the sandwich and the snack stay separate all day. The stainless will match your kitchen.

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