My Husband Hides His Addiction Behind Our Son

ben 10
Some of our Ben 10 collection
It is one thing when your kid is obsessed with a toy, but it is entirely another thing when daddy joins in the fray. Daddy can take obsession over a toy to an entirely new level because — well — he earns a paycheck

It is clear that my husband was just waiting for one of our kids to fall in love with something he could get behind. Yeah, my daughter has her baseball collection, but we only get those when we travel, and he just wasn't intrigued enough by her short infatuation with the Littlest Pet Shops to jump on that bandwagon.

Then, about a year ago, my nephew introduced my kids to Ben 10. And OMG — things have gotten completely out of control at my house!


Do you know Ben 10? He's a teenage boy that finds a watch, which allows him to turn into all sorts of different aliens so that he can save the world. He's sort of a gloating prick if you ask me — but he gets the job done, his aliens are pretty cool, and the show is actually really well written. Plus, I love that he fights off slimy alien forces with his Grandpa Max (I had a Grandpa Max) and his cousin Gwen (who can kick some major ass).

I seriously think my husband wants to collect every single character the show has ever produced. And my son is no dummy. He can see it in his daddy's eyes. He'll snuggle right up to him on the couch and say, "Daddy, let's see if we can find [insert any character name]," and there they will sit for hours, searching together, for every alien they can think of.

ben 10
And then slowly packages will start arriving from places like New Zealand and Japan with toys like Goop (little does Gwyneth know her website name is actually a shape-shifting, almost indestructible, green alien blob) and Upchuck (Can you guess what his power is? No, I am not kidding! He vomits with pinpoint accuracy. Brilliant, right?).

But holy Jesus ... these toys are effing expensive. Every character is 12 to 20 bucks and we've collected more than 30 of them, which, to be fair, get played with every. single. day. Plus there are Wii games, DS games, books, Tag Readers, flashlights, lunchboxes, costumes, baseball hats, bedding, and pretty much anything else you can think of (and stuff you can't)!

There is no stopping my husband as long as he remains a sucker, with an OCD problem himself. All I know is that with the amount of money we have already spent on Ben 10, this infatuation better last until both my kids are in high school!

Are your kids (or are you) obsessed with a toy out there on the market today?

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