Parents Need to Worry When Kids Try to Kill Puppies


puppiesA 6-year-old girl is at the center of a horrifying animal abuse case in Ohio. She was seen by neighbors putting a litter of puppies in a swimming pool at her home in an attempt to drown them.

Fortunately police were called and able  to save the pups. They're still recovering, but will likely be okay. Additionally disturbing in this case -- her grandfather reportedly told her to "get rid" of the new litter of puppies.

There's no information as to where the parents or any other adult were, but in this video at, you don't exactly get the sense grandpa is a stellar care giver. Whether he meant for her to "get rid" of them by pawning them off on strangers and she interpreted it as offing them isn't known. Much more investigation into the situation is needed, and fortunately the station reports that Children's Services has been notified.

Red flags about future psychotic behavior abound when it comes to kids trying to harm and kill animals (remember Jeffrey Dahmer? He notoriously impaled animals on stakes as a boy). We're not talking ants on the sidewalk or a poor frog loved too tightly, but rather deliberate violent acts against sweet, furry creatures.

Certainly not all kids who kill or attempt to kill an animal will grow up to be mass murderers, but statistics do show a link between violence against animals and future violence against humans. They also show that many children who exhibit the behavior have witnessed violence themselves -- creating a vicious cycle.

In any case, it's a clear sign evaluation and intervention are needed. I hope this girl -- and her grandfather -- get the help they need and that those poor puppies find wonderful homes.

 Have you ever seen children try to harm animals?

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L25 L25

I haven't seen any kids purposely try to hurt animals, thankfully. I'm concerned with why a child would want to hurt an animal, I'd want to know what is going on in the home, why they don't have compassion for other living creatures and if in this case this little girl knew these puppies were doing to drown, and suffer before dying and why she would want to do that to them. Theres obviously either an issue of ignorance or an issue of an emotional mental problem going on.

sodapple sodapple

I haven't but it is a shame specially when adults tell something like that to children. The gramps should be the over in trouble

nonmember avatar Sara

I kind of wonder if the girl didn't have some reason to be so fearful of the grandfather as to do such a horrific thing, and was only following orders? Like, he really did tell her to drown them and she was afraid she'd get into big trouble if she didn't do what he said? And he's trying to pawn it off on her?

alisa... alisabethjaimes

This makes me so sad. I remember seeing something on Dr. Phil a few years ago about a boy who killed his hamster by crushing it with a luggage handle. I cried after that, it traumatized me. :(

Retro... RetroFabuloso

Wow this is awful! I used to save kittens that were going to be drowned at birth and send them to Cats Protection! What the hell is going on in this poor little girls head?! I hope she gets help! Xx

dimnd... dimndgal1

I don't consider this case the same as a child seeking an animal to harm.  It seems evident that there is something wrong in this child's life -- grandfather seems to be caregiver and the article said the conditions of the house necessitated CPS.  I think this is a child in a deplorable situation not a psychopath in the making.  My heart goes out to this child and I hope she gets the help and security she so desperately needs.


Haile... Haileenicole52

Me and my mom were discussing this just today! Her new husbands children talk terrible about animals, talk about killing and beating my sweet little dog. Their mother beats them, and my moms husbands son beats his little sister. It is totally true. There is a link. If it is okay to hurt animals then it should be okay to hurt others as well. They are both wrong and you need to be cautious of this!

Water... Water_geM

I have not seen it.. but i am aware of the link.

I hate the excuses people will try and make for sadistic behavior.

angev... angevil53

my brother did it a lot, he was very sick and deserved help that he never ever got. when it gets past reptiles it's not a boy being a boy's just too much.

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