Horrific Family Tragedy Brings Out Good in Many

For most parents, there is no nightmare so scary or vivid as that of one of our children getting severely hurt or killed. Second to that first nightmare, though, is one almost equally horrifying: Leaving our children parentless. For the Berry family from Houston, Texas, both of those nightmares happened at the same time.

The family was traveling home from a vacation in Colorado when another car veered into their lane and hit them head-on. The mother and father were killed instantly, and the two boys, 8 and 9, were paralyzed, while their little sister, 6, suffered a broken ankle and arm.

Just looking at the photos is enough to break your heart. They were so clearly a loving and supportive family and, as a mom, seeing those boys struggle to recover without their mom to help them breaks my heart.


This family could be any of us or anyone we know and love, which makes it that much scarier. The children will go to their aunt and uncle, but the boys will have medical bills and a lifelong recovery process all without the love and support of their mom and dad.

When I hear stories like these, there really is a part of me that wants to hide in a closet full of cotton and pack my kids in beside me. It's almost too painful to process and hard to believe the world can really be so cruel.

Unfortunately, it can. And these children are now orphans who also have to recover physically. Much as this story terrifies, it also includes some good. So far, family friends have organized bake sales, lemonade stands, and various functions. The story has received national attention and they have raised $200,000 from people all over the country to put into a trust to help these children.

Out of horrible, unimaginable tragedy comes some light. There is still so much good in the world. To make a donation, you can visit their Facebook page.

Also, if you haven't designated guardians for your children in case of a tragedy like this, it seems pretty necessary after seeing how quickly it can happen. In the blink of an eye, everything can change. It just reminds us all that every day we hold our children really is the best day of our lives.

My thoughts are with each of these kids as they go through such unimaginable pain.

Will you donate?

Image via joelesler/Flickr

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