Little Girl's Marriage Proposal Makes Boy Scream in Terror (VIDEO)

boy girl marriage fightYet another YouTube-inspired parenting debate has moms everywhere at odds: Is the video of a little girl and boy having a long, drawn-out argument over whether or not they'll get married hilarious or harsh? I think it's both. But definitely not so harsh that you can't help but crack up laughing as you watch it. This boy has a serious case of cold feet, yikes!

Some parents have argued that the mother filming this precocious battle-of-the-sexes moment is allowing the girl to torment the boy -- by telling him repeatedly that she WILL marry him. ("I don't want to marry you!!!") And granted, the boy just gets more hysterical by the moment.


But I know an overtired tantrum when I see one, and this, to me, is merely an especially comedic meltdown that the child himself will think is funny in a few years. In fact, he might find the footage a useful way out of future relationships: It's not you, it's me ... see, I've always been a commitment-phobe ... watch this, you'll understand.

As for the little bridezilla-in-the-making, well, I'm frankly blown away by her confidence and determination. After a brief moment of weepiness at the boy's initial refusal, she bounces right back, answering his every "I'm not marrying you!" shriek with a calmly delivered "Yes, you are." (My favorite part is when she tells him, "I'm not scared of you.")

So no, I don't think the mom who filmed and posted this video was being cruel or that she did this to exploit her kid. This clip is akin to valuable research data in the field of gender studies!

Plus, it would be awesome if these two really did get married someday. Just imagine the fireworks!

"Honey, you're going to pick up the dry cleaning, right?" "No, I'm not going to the dry cleaner today." "YES YOU ARE!"

Do you think this video is funny?


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