Back to School Gear Guide

back to school clothesThe following is a post from our sponsor, Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.

The summer season is winding down. Summer camps have closed their doors, a cool breeze blows through the air, and commercials touting “Labor Day Sales” remind families it’s time to start thinking about the fall. 

With the cost of housing, fashion, and food steeply on the rise, U.S. families are looking for ways to save money this season, especially families with children going back to school. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent more than $600 per child last year on back to school supplies, apparel, and electronics.

Here are some simple ways your family can save money while still getting everything you need for the new season:


-       Take inventory. Go through old backpacks, desk drawers, and school supplies from the previous school year to determine which items can be reused and which supplies your child still needs. Recycle whenever possible!

-       Make a list, check it twice. Check off supplies your child already has and write down exactly which things you still need to purchase. At the store, don’t deviate from this list! Though it may be tempting to buy fun gimmicky back to school supplies, stick to what your child really needs and what your wallet can handle for the new school year.

-       Here today, gone tomorrow. Choose solid colors and muted patterns for heavily used supplies like backpacks and binders. Selecting flashy new items with popular celebrity endorsements or catchphrases can date the items and your child may be reluctant to reuse these items the next year if that celebrity isn’t “cool” anymore.

-       One-stop shop. Time is money! For everything you and your child need for fall, shop at a mass retailer like Walmart. Families can stock up on everything from school supplies to toiletries, as well as new clothes at discounted prices.

-       Back to basics. Refresh basic clothing items like white t-shirts and blue jeans for you and your family members. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co.™ jeans are available at Walmart stores for men, women, and kids for under $25. Great fitting and durable jeans are always in style, year after year.

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