Elmer’s® X-TREME™ School Glue Stick — For a Stronger Bond

elmers glueThe following is a post from our sponsor, Elmer's.

At some point, your kids will have school projects that allow them to become amateur sculptors or architects, putting together all sorts of materials and binding them all with glue. But how can they ensure that their creations will hold together for posterity ... or at least for the trip between home and school?


Elmer’s X-TREME School Glue Stick is capable of handling bigger, tougher projects. It is a great option for classrooms and families that love using Elmer’s School Glue sticks but want a little extra strength.

The new formula, geared toward children ages 4-12, allows kids to bond wood, fabric, craft materials, foam sheets, cardboard, foam board, gemstones, and buttons in addition to some metals and plastics. Use it for everything from craft items to science fairs and many other school projects. Like other Elmer’s School Glue products, X-TREME is washable and non-toxic.

Now with the X-TREME School Glue Stick, kids can put things together AND keep them together -- so their projects are only limited by their imaginations!

For project ideas, testimonials, and techniques, or to watch our X-TREME School Glue Stick commercial, visit http://www.elmers.com/x-treme.

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