Horrible Mother Loses Child While Fighting on Subway (VIDEO)

As parents we are always trying to set an example for our children. It isn't enough to tell them not to curse or hit or bite or pull hair. We also have to model that behavior. For most of us, it isn't that hard (well, except for the cursing part), but for one mom in New York City, clearly it was more important to fight some woman over a subway seat than to watch her child. And it was all caught on camera.

What will become of a child whose mother acts like this? As far as I can tell from the video, the mother got into a fight with another woman over a seat. It got physical. And she was so involved with the altercation that she didn't bother to notice the stroller had rolled out of the subway.

See below:


Now, obviously, this is horrifying. But the child is fine and others on the subway warned her. She walked away and the incident ended.

What is really scary, though, is this child's future. He or she now thinks it's normal to have a physical altercation with someone -- a stranger, no less -- over something as inconsequential as a subway seat. Sometimes I think the Internet is where manners go to die, but now I think it's the subway.

Worst of all, this mom didn't care enough about her child to notice him or her rolling off the train. This child has a million cards stacked against him already. When we check back in 10 years, my guess is he will be the teenager terrorizing everyone in his path. 

Unfortunately, he will have his mother to thank for that.

Does this video make you as mad as it makes me?


Image via YouTube

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