The Simplest Way To Make Flying With Kids Rock

Anyone who has ever flown on an airplane with children knows how awful it can be to walk down that aisle, kids in tow. The death glares and sighs are reason enough to make any parent not want to fly. Ever. Of course that is not always practical.

The blog Ohdeedoh features an amazing idea -- favor bags prepared ahead of time for every passenger your baby might annoy. It is genius, really. On them, there could be little tags thanking people who sat around you. On the website, the example is: "She may be good, she may be bad, we're sorry if she makes you mad."

Who could possibly be mad after that? The site suggests candies in little bags, but some other awesome ideas for your fellow passengers might include the following:

  • Pretty ear muffs: Block the sound! Buy $2 fuzzy ones and make a party out of it. Some may laugh, some may not, but wow are you thoughtful!
  • Nips of liquor: Yes, they are pricey when you buy 50 of them, but that might be $100 well-spent when you have a plane full of calm and collected friends who will smile upon your misery rather than heap on more.
  • Calming potpourri: Put some calming scents into a little sachet and pass them out to your fellow passengers. They will love it and maybe, just maybe, it will keep them calm when your baby starts to flip.
  • $1 iTunes gift certificates: Let them load a new song on their iPod and listen to that instead of your crying baby! Perfection!
  • Bag of kid candies: Play on passenger's nostalgia with a bag full of Blow Pops and Laffy Taffy and Bazooka bubblegum and anything else that might remind them that they were once obnoxious children, too. Maybe they will be less harsh.

The fact is, no matter how hard flying is for the fellow passengers, it is 10 times as bad for the parents. No one (trust me) wants to be "those parents." The few times I have flown with my now 4 and 3-year-old have been incredibly stressful and mostly involve me breaking all my normal rules so that they will stay quiet (bribery, anyone?).

I like this idea better!

Would you try this?


Image via  Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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