Ways to Get Involved at Your Kid’s School

We all start out with perfect little babies with whom we are involved almost constantly. What and when they eat, sleep, and wear is all entirely up to us. But from that first day of parenthood, they are slowly moving away from us. Once they are in school, it sometimes seems like we never get to see them. But there are many ways to avoid that feeling.

Why not get more involved at the school so that you can get to know their lives there a little more?

Here are 10 ways to get involved more with the kid's school:

  1. Join the PTA: The Parent Teacher Association gets a bad rap from movies and TV. The implication is always that it's full of judgy and pushy super-moms, but it really is the best and easiest way to be very involved. It's a great way to be immersed in the school, raise money, and also get to know your child's teacher.
  2. Jump in on the bake sale: If you're a talented cook, use that for the greater good! Raise money for your child's school either by baking or by organizing a bake sale.
  3. Be a room mom: Personally, this is the way I would love to be involved. You get to see your kid in action, meet all his friends, and understand what he does all day.
  4. Come in for career day: If you have a job, come teach the kids about it! It's a great way to get involved without too much of a commitment.
  5. Volunteer as a lunch monitor: If you have the time, this is a great way to see all the action and really understand the inner workings of the school.
  6. Judge the science fair: Ahem, this one wouldn't be for me. But my husband (the scientist) could take this one. If you know anything about science and the natural world, this is a great way to be involved.
  7. Provide writing and administrative assistance to the principal and administration: As a writer, I could lend my assistance and also get to know the administrators in my child's school at the same time.
  8. Read to the class: This is a great, simple way to charge up the positivity in your relationship with your kid.
  9. Chaperone field trips: This one is fun for everyone! After all, who doesn't love field trip day?
  10. Start a school club for something you are good at: Are you a computer person? A runner? A quilter? Use your talent and lead an after-school club in it.

How do you get involved in school?


Image via SYA Extreme/Flickr

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