Kid's 'Thriller' Dance Is Best Jumbotron Moment Ever (VIDEO)


boy dancing at SafecoEvery once in awhile, you run into one of those kids out in public who is putting on a show. They don't care who is watching. They're just doing their thing in the middle of a crowded park or, in the case of a boy who busted out all the moves to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" at Safeco Field recently, in the middle of a baseball stadium.

A video of the boy dancing on the Jumbotron during a Seattle Mariners game has gone viral ... and I'm willing to bet it's not just because he's pretty darn good at impersonating the late King of Pop. This dancing dude represents something we wish we were and can only hope our kids will be. Confident. Comfortable in his own skin. Check this little man out:

Would you have the guts to do that? Without the assistance of alcohol? I can remember the last time I danced like that. I was a pre-teen, and I had a tape player (yeah, it was awhile ago) that I toted through our rural neighborhood. And when I showed up at a neighborhood summer barbecue, I turned it on full blast, while I showed my dorky moves. I was horrible. But I didn't realize it at the time, nor did I really care. It was fun.

The corny old "dance like nobody's watching" mantra is one that bounces around my head to as I try to raise my (admittedly rather klutzy) kid. She's a kid; she can make an idiot out of herself; it's FUN!

The day our kids suddenly start realizing the world is full of judgmental people should go down in our baby books as the day childhood ended. It means the fun is over and the growing up begins. This little boy isn't grown up yet, and he's all the better for it.

Do you find yourself cheering for this kid because you remember what it was like to have that much fun in public?


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jaxmadre jaxmadre

That's awesome

mommo... mommommamommyyy

Made my day!!! Thanks for sharing this :)

kelli... kelli0585

If I could dance like that, I would never talk again. . . I would only communicate by dancing like that.  All the time.

bills... billsfan1104

That was great. I love the guy laughing and having a great time watching it.

Jude Chukwuemeka

I really admire the kid. I think I should let my friends see it.

Tracie Finite

Very cool. You GO little man!

nonmember avatar Kevin

I was there and this kid can move! Confidence, yes! I've never seen several minutes on the big screen between innings devoted to one person.

Lokis... LokisMama

Thanks for the grin. :D  That hat move at the end just kind of cinched it.  Awesome. :D

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