If Only ALL Teachers Were Willing To Get Tattoos (VIDEO)

tattooI've heard about teachers going to all sorts of lengths to challenge and inspire students. Surely you've seen stories or personal examples of those who offer up themselves for dunking booths, head shaving, hair dying, and all sorts of other fun antics if students meet x, y, or z goal. I've never, however, seen a teacher willing to do something quite as drastic as what a California teacher recently did.

Stanley Richards, a teacher at San Francisco's City Arts and Technology High School, told students he would get a tattoo of the school's former vice principal, Paul Kho, if they raised their standardized test scores significantly. While they were expected to raise scores by 7 points, he said he'd get inked if they raised them by 50. With the bar set so high, he never thought he'd have to do it. 

He was wrong. 


They did it, and he did too. He revealed his new tat -- a picture of Kho as a samurai warrior with a medallion bearing the test score around his neck -- to them right before school let out for the summer. He calls it  a "memorial to the students' achievement," and to his time spent at the school. I call it one incredibly dedicated teacher, and I can only hope my children encounter some like him (tattoos or not) during their school careers.

No matter where your child goes to school, private or public, inner city or fancy boarding school, when it really comes down to it, it's the individual teachers in each classroom who can make a profound impact on his or her or life -- good or bad. What a fabulous way to show students how important his job is to him, and how important they are in this world. Bravo, Mr. Richards!

What's the most dedicated thing you've seen a teacher do?


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