10 Signs You're Raising a Trashy Kid

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white trash kidsBefore I had kids, I was so quick to judge. When I would see a child running around the front yard wearing nothing but a diaper in the middle of May, I would scowl. Toy guns were trashy and unacceptable and lawns were meant to be lush and pristine. I would never be the one with the dirty kids and cluttered house, I vowed. I'll be the classy one whose child is always properly clad, grass is well manicured, and house is neat and tidy.


How sorely I was mistaken. Yesterday, I looked at my house and my child and realized the tragic truth: I'm raising white trash kids. How did I come to this conclusion?

1. The front yard full of toys. Bats, balls, water toys, and hula hoops half-hazardly fill the lawn.

2. The pool the kids brag about to their friends is a big plastic blow-up one from Walgreens.

3. We own a large collection of toy guns and character T-shirts.

4. The kids' arms are filled with various temporary tattoos, in various stages of decay.

5. My boys can frequently be found wandering around the house without pants. If they do have pants on, their hands are often down them.

6. My daughter often displays a rather prominent plumber's crack, despite my efforts with belts and elastic waist pants.

7. My youngest's latest haircut? A mohawk, of course.

8. All three believe that French fries are a vegetable.

9. Should the kids get hungry in the car, all they need to do is dig around their seat to find a snack.

10. Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets a bigger laugh than a really loud fart.


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Beths... Bethsunshine

HA HA!! My boys fit most of the criteria for being "trashy"!!

dez0717 dez0717

Oh Crap~! We are on the way to being Total White Trash!! LOL Love this article!!

Kimberly Virga

Love it. Guess we're trashy too :)

shays... shaysmommy5810

Wow.  By those standards, we woulda been considered white trash when I was a kid, too.  We were so happy to brag about our pool - a cow tank.  And, most of the time, my brothers didn't know what "pants" were - lol!  My daughter will soon be a white trash baby as well, as soon as we get our pool :)

nonmember avatar Wendy Thomas

French fries aren't vegetables???

mykid... mykids060911

my poor kids :) everytime I bathe them they just get right out of the bath and get dirty again..... I think it is all part of being a kid... Oh and my son would know what to do without his mohawk and his toy story shirts!!! I love this post and I am glad my kids can call themselves white trash atleast they can tell ppl when I was a kid I had a blast!!!!!!

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

Omg tha was funny!! Personally I think ur just raising kids. That r having a good time, nothing white trash about that.

Jenn Roberts

my middle kid has the mohawk, we have the plastic pool...my back yard is full of bats, balls, even various "tools" see we try and fool people..our front yard is nice and tidy LOL

nonmember avatar Robin

Haha - I've got me a houseful of white trash boys. LOL!!!

nonmember avatar ut_mommy

HAHAHAHA we're not even white and we fit into the White Trash category!

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