5 Awesome End-of-Year Gifts for Your Preschool Teacher

One of the hardest milestones (for me, anyway) is the end of preschool. My children will be all grown and ready to leave the house before I know it, and preschool is one milestone along the way to that.

But with the year drawing to a close, it's time to say goodbye to their amazing teachers and move on to their new schools next year. With that in mind, I started asking around to find out what other parents get for the people who spent almost as many hours shaping and molding their children during the year as they did.

Here are 5 great ideas to make the teacher happy:

  • A simple letter: My teacher friends assure me that all of the apple-themed gifts in the world cannot trump a heartfelt letter from a parent who appreciated them. After all, teaching can sometimes feel like a thankless, overwhelming job. So when a student's parents take the time to actually say, "Hey we really love you," it means something, right? Give a copy to the principal, too!
  • A spa gift certificate: Teachers work incredibly hard and, like most of us, don't reward themselves as much as they should. So why not give them something that will help them indulge? A massage, mani-pedi, or even a facial is a great way to take a vacation without leaving the state.
  • Pottery: Get some kind of keepsake pottery whether you and your child make it (the ideal) or buy it from an artist. It's a great way to give them something to remind them of your child afterwards. You can fill it with something the child made, like these mini-Oreo apples -- an idea I am definitely trying.
  • Restaurant gift certificates: A nice meal with their spouse (or friends) is another highly appreciated item that most teachers very much appreciate since there is often little time to cook.
  • Keepsake flowers for the classroom: Everyone loves flowers, but they die. Why not give him or her a bouquet that won't? This beautiful bouquet is easy to make, and if you make it out of your child's old clothing or favorite color, it will also remind him or her of your child for years to come.

What are you getting your child's teacher?


Image via ollesvensson/Flickr

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