Moms Need to Control Their Kids More

children runningUsually I don't wade into the mommy wars. To breastfeed or not. To circumcise or not (ah, having a girl, so much easier!). To each his own, guys. Let's all live in peace and harmony. Can you tell I was raised a stone's throw from the original site of Woodstock? I try to love every mom for her decisions.

Then there is the mom whose two children crawled under the door into a changing room where I was half nekkid on a Sunday afternoon and proceeded to chat me up. I see her kind a lot. Usually her kids are halfway across a store or emptying the soap dispenser in the restaurant bathroom, and she's nowhere to be seen, making the evil mom in me want to run for the intercom system and bellow, "It's X o'clock, do you KNOW where your children are?"


I'm sorry, America, but this is one mom I don't get. The "I go out and about with my kids, but don't really pay attention to a thing they're doing" mom. Hey, I get it. Losing one child in a store for a few seconds happens. Believe me, it is the most terrifying, heart-pounding moment of your life, but it happens. They were RIGHT there, and then, they're NOT right there, and you're turning around and around and around, and you're saying their name, and you're grabbing at the clothes on the racks like "ooh, yeah, there she is, all 41 pounds of her, hanging from a tank top."

But two kids? Gone long enough to tell me half of your life story and then some? While I'm in my skivvies? And some old busted ones too, I should note (hey now, I wasn't exactly expecting company). And when I walk out of the changing room, you're not overly concerned to see some strange lady holding your son's hand? You don't even thank me? You don't even look ashamed?

How does that happen? I'm not talking about a mom juggling a few kids trying to make them behave. I'm not talking about a mom with a special needs kid who acts out because of his disabilities. I'm talking about the kids whose parents are nowhere in sight, when they're clearly too young to be left alone. There's no exact science here on the age. But if two kids are young enough to think it's OK to sneak into my changing room and check out my panties, they're definitely not young enough to be left alone.

Why is this mom like this? My only guess is she hasn't inherited the shame gene. You know the one, the gene that makes a normal mom's neck retract into her shoulders when she realizes HER kid was the one picking veggies out of the salad bar with his hands instead of the tongs?

Do you see these moms out and about a lot? Do you mark it down as frazzled mom, or do you think there's something more to it?


Image via Chicago North Shore Conventions & Visitors Bureau/Flickr

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