School Asks Parents if Child Was Born Via C-Section

boy studyingWhen it comes to teaching our children, educators should have access to plenty of information to teach each child as best he or she can. That information, however, shouldn't need to include a detailed account of each child's birth, yet that's what they're asking for in one California school district.

That's right, the Dry Creek School District has a question on its application asking whether a child was delivered via c-section or "vaginal delivery." If you do note that your child entered the world via c-section, they want to know why. Parents, justifiably, want to know why in the hell it matters and what business the school has asking in the first place.


So far the school district hasn't answered the question. What possible answer could they come up with? Someone was just curious? A general question, such as: Were there any birth complications that you think we should know about? or something to that effect would be okay, but this? NO!

I can find no studies that say children born via c-section are at higher risk for learning disabilities later in life or anything else. In fact, most studies say the opposite -- that means of delivery do NOT affect the rate learning disorders. According to CBS, "a number of scientific studies in medical journals have concluded that the method of birth delivery cannot be linked to intelligence."

Sure there are complications that lead to c-sections that do up the risk, but the means of delivery alone does not when it comes to school performance. Plus, with more than one-third of all births happening via c-section, it's not like it's a rare "condition."

Also, can you imagine the potential for discrimination lawsuits? And how far will they go? What about means of conception -- should parents have to reveal if they got their babies via IVF or regular old sex?

Hopefully the question was just some random addition that some uninformed person added for unknown reasons, and it will be removed due to the increased publicity over the matter. If not, then I'd say the parents of Dry Creek School District have a fight on their hands that needs fighting.

Do you find it outrageous that a school would ask whether a child was born vaginally or via c-section in the application process?

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