Amazing Teacher Sings to Kids Amid Gunshots (VIDEO)

For a group of Kindergartners in Mexico City, the only thing standing between them and total panic over the gun fight that killed five people outside their school was one teacher's calm and reassuring voice, singing to them and telling them that everything was going to be OK. She's the kind of teacher we all hope our children have one day.

In the video, Teacher Martha Rivera Alanis tells the children (in Spanish) to take cover and to stay down while also soothing their fears and singing to them. See the video below:


Alanis said later, after being honored for her courage:

I'm very proud of my kids because ... they were the ones who gave me the courage and love to act in this way.

We all want to believe that we would be this kind and giving and calm in an emergency, but let's face it: We don't know. Even with our own children, there are no guarantees that we would be able to be parental and strong and help our children through fear when we were feeling so much of it ourselves. And yet this woman was able to do that and be there for a group of children who were not her own.

There are so many stories we hear everyday about the ways teachers fail children, but here on the ground, in the real world, where I interact all day with my son and daughter's teachers, I know just how many good teachers there actually are.

Teaching is a hard job and one that few can actually do well. So those who can really deserve so much more than they receive. It is a talent and we should all be thankful that there are people out there who can do so selflessly what so few of us really can.

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