World's Most Embarassing Dad Drops Daughter to Catch Baseball (VIDEO)

dad drops daughterForget what you know about daddy's little girl. There comes a time when girls do not want to be seen out and about with their fathers. For me it was about the time when we would walk through the mall, and just as we reached Victoria's Secret, my dad would announce in his voice -- which can only be described as "booming" -- "Hey, honey, are you ready for a bra yet?" Let's just say it's a surprise my nipples didn't permanently invert from the boobs shrinking back into the body in abject horror.

But ladies, ladies, it is possible one dad has truly topped all our horrors and then some. Behold the dad who decided to do some Daddy/daughter bonding at Dodger's Stadium. He even held his little girl, who looks to be maybe 6? 7? up, up, in the air to see the goings on . . . and then he dropped her flat on her behind in front of thousands of people, plus all the TV viewers at home. Take a look:


If the kid wasn't perfectly fine, I'll admit I probably wouldn't be laughing as hard as I am, but I can't help it. This looks like the sort of dumb@ss moment that happens to any parent. But it's the hapless dad making his apologies, and the way the exasperated daughter blows him off that reminded me of . . . well, me. And the girl that MY daughter is becoming.

The sad sack dad trope on TV sitcoms grates because my dad and my husband are actually pretty great guys and pretty spot on dads, but there's still that "they're guys who just don't GET all things girly girl." And dang if it doesn't make for some pretty funny mishaps. Like the time your mom goes on a business trip, taking all the tampons with her, leaving you to beg your dad to take you to the grocery store, while he obtusely refuses because he just can't believe there would be anything you so desperately need that isn't already in the house. Um, DUH, Dad. Or the time your dad drops you to catch a baseball and then has to try make it up to you . . . on national TV!

What do you think? Did this one remind you of your childhood?


Image via YouTube

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