20 Best Things About Summer From 20 Mom Bloggers

I've been in a bit of denial that school is coming to a end. The last couple of months just seem to have sped by and I am so not ready. Summer does have its benefits, though, even if I'm having trouble remembering them at the moment. I asked my mom blogger friends for their help remembering why summer really isn't all that bad. And, I'm actually getting kind of excited now ...


1. No homework! It was the best part of the summer for me when I was a kid, and now that I have my own kids, it's the best part of the summer again. Just knowing that we don't have to sit down most every night to all that stress is so freeing! -- Freaky Perfect

2. Not having to dress my kids for 5 minutes in their snowgear then undress them to go to the bathroom and then redress them again. EVERY DAY.  -- Lost and Forgotten

3. Eating on paper plates outside so I don't have to do dishes or sweep the floor! -- Mom Got Blog

4. Not having to do the school drop off and pick up (and get pulled into mini conferences with teachers or harassed by school committee peeps to volunteer!!) -- A Parent in Silver Spring

5. Seedless watermelon and the ice cream truck. -- Mommy in law

6. Not having to shove breakfast down your kids throat by 7:30!! I love the more relaxing mornings and being able to eat breakfast anytime and stay in your jammies til whenever! -- Healthy Adventures

7. Grilling! I love it when I don't have to agonize over picking recipes and choosing meals. Just take our protein, slap it on the grill, and let my husband worry about it. -- Don't Mind the Mess

8. Late afternoon play dates ... when the kids are racing around out from under foot and mommies can calmly sip happy summer beverages. -- Serial Swooper

9. Being able to get my kid in and out of his carseat without having to take his coat on and off. Makes running errands so much easier! That, and the fact that 4pm is an acceptable cocktail hour in summer. -- Mommyologist

10. Not worrying about how I dress the kids. Nothing has to match and shoes are optional.-- Momma Made It Look Easy

11. Getting excited to go swimming with the kids again. I love seeing the energy they have to jump in the pool 7,000 times in a day and say "Watch me Mom" every time! And then...I also LOVE buying new school supplies in August. Because I'm totally weird like that. There's just something about a new pack of pencils... -- My Suitcase Full of Tricks

12. The windows are open. The kids have outdoor freedoms. The nights are warm to plan camping in the backyard adventures. Kids running through sprinklers are happier then those that are not. Life is again filled with s'more filled memories -- The Robot Mommy

13. Longer evenings, full days by the pool, fireworks, BBQ, exhausted kiddos, watermelon, lightning bugs. -- Froggy and the Mouse

14.  The freedom to say more often, "Sure, why the hell not? It's summer!"-- Peace. Love and Guacamole

15. Staying up late playing Just Dance! Summer ROCKS! --  A Julin The Rough

16. Camping in the backyard, late night cuddles, sleeping late and quality time one on one. -- I Like it Frantic

17. No socks -- just Crocs! -- Adult Imposter

18. Playing in the backyard. My daughter just stands by our back door and says "OUTSIDE!" until we go. -- Distracted Daddy

19. Popsicles! No matter the time of day. Popsicles!  -- Nanny Poppins

20. White sangria and a sprinkler system to babysit the kids.  -- Chef Wife

What's YOUR favorite thing about summer?

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