Fast Food Won't Make Your Kids Love You

fast foodYou just never know what you're going to find on the Internet, do you? Double rainbows. LOL cats. Moms who think their kids will stop loving them if they ditch fast food.

Wait a minute, let's back up there. When I saw the words, "Is it possible to ditch the drive-thru and still have my kid love me?" I had one of those reactions you only see in cartoons. Buggy eyes, drooping lower lips. Is this a real problem in America?


Apparently, in the Seattle area, where one mom blogger is stressing out over bypassing her town's nine taco joints with the kids in tow, it is. I'm not sure if I should file this one under country parenting vs. city parenting or under "Mom who knows how to say no" and "Mom who just really wants her kids to like her."

I'm not a perfect mom. In my kid's almost 6 years on earth, she's tasted the crap that comes out of such places as McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, AND Taco Bell. We drove from New York to Disney World last year. Saying no fast food, ever, was just not happening.

And let's face it -- she loves those darn rinky dink toys as much as the next hoarder, erm, toy fanatic. There are times when you just cave to make the demands stop. I GET it.

But we live in the boonies. We're a half hour drive from any fast food restaurant. For us it's not merely a choice (although one we WOULD make); it's a way of life.

News flash y'all! If those of us who live in the sticks can do it, so can you! I know, I know, you NEED fast food. That's what I hear. Moms talk up the convenience. They tell me their kids get hungry when they're out and about. They say they're just so darn busy. And it's to all those moms that I know I may come off as big old judgearoo, but I'm going to hand it to you straight. You're the parent. Act like it.

Leave packages of pretzels and juice boxes in the car. Stop at gas stations and grocery stores, if need be, and buy bottled water and apples. Pack a cooler. Plan shorter trips. Eat before you leave. Eat when you get home. Pack toys in the car. Let them bring toys. Really, do I have to keep going with this? I'm not asking you to mill your own corn, here, people. Just act like parents ... your kids will still love you. Trust me.

How often do you use fast food in your parenting?


Image via Calgary Reviews/Flickr

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