No More Snow Days? No Way!

snow daysTechnology is a wonderful, amazing thing. There are so many times I think back to my childhood and wish that I only had the resources then that my children have today, but not when it comes to one recent advancement -- not at all.

Apparently some schools are trying to use technology to eliminate snow days. Instead of letting kids off the hook due to inclement weather, they instead would have to do lessons over the Internet. Educators say it would help cut down on a lag in learning during winter months and prevent them from having to make up days in the spring or summer.

Sounds reasonable on the surface, but NO WAY! You simply can't take away one of the greatest sources of joy and excitement of childhood from kids today. They've already lost plenty of simple pleasures in this hectic, high-tech world, to even think of taking away their snow days makes me want to cry ... and I live in Florida.


My children may never know the joy of a snow day, which makes me terribly sad (hurricane days just aren't the same), but for anyone who has to endure all the bitterness cold winters bring, they should not miss out.

I grew up in Nebraska, and we had plenty of snow days. Watching the TV with fingers crossed that our school would be among those listed for closings the next day and the exhilaration when it was because we got to stay up late. Sometimes word didn't come until morning light, but oh how bright those days shone with unexpected possibilities. Sledding, snowball fights, hot chocolate, snow forts built in drifts, and long afternoons cuddled up with blankets and the TV. Those were some of the best days of my childhood, and I would have gladly gone a few extra days in June or any month to have had them. 

Education is extremely important, but there are some things you just can't learn in a classroom. There are so few true joyful surprises in life, like these, and they teach us plenty when we do encounter them. Virtual snow days are not snow days at all; the madness must be stopped now ... before the idea snowballs.

Do you think schools should use virtual learning to circumvent snow days?

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