10 Memorial Day Weekend Staycations

Let's face it: Traveling can be a bummer. It's expensive, chaotic with the kids, exhausting, and very often ends up feeling like you would have had a better "vacation" if you stayed home. So why not do it? Have your own affordable and fun "staycation"!

Here in New England, it doesn't feel like summer is here. We have had a string of rainy, 50-degree days, but the experts (and the calendar) claim that summer actually will happen this year despite all evidence to the contrary. With Memorial Day around the corner, we should all have some ideas in our back pocket for a great "staycation."

Here are 10 ideas to make this Memorial Day Staycation truly memorable (and not break the bank):

  • Camp in your yard: With little kids, sometimes the best "camping trips" are in the backyard. So get a fire pit, roast some hot dogs and marshmallows, tell scary stories, and sleep in the tent. Biggest bonus: if you have to pee, you can run back in the house!
  • Create a water park: What's more fun than a water park? Put all those plastic slides and baby pools to good use and build your own amazing water park in your backward. Fill up balloons with water and have a toss. Find other creative ways to make water fun. This will busy the kids for hours. Remember sunscreen!
  • Scavenger hunt: On a rainy day (or even a sunny one), plant little clues all over the house and yard. Or have the kids follow a map to find buried treasure for a pirate-themed hunt. You can make it as tricky or as easy as you would like depending on your kid's age.
  • Potluck: Have each family member cook a dish for dinner. You may have to help with the little ones, but let them come up with the ideas, flip through cookbooks and surf online, and then have them as responsible for the prep and cooking as is realistic for their age. It will give them a sense of accomplishment and let the family bond over food each member chose.
  • Game night: What's more fun than family board game night? Whoever wins the most gets a prize!
  • Family slumber party: Get a bunch of kid-friendly movies that adults can also enjoy, pop some popcorn, and bring the sleeping bags into the living room for a fun, low-key family slumber party!
  • Picnic: Make an elaborate picnic full of finger foods -- bite-size sandwiches, cookies, grapes, strawberries dipped in chocolate -- and put it all in a basket before heading out somewhere to eat it. Don't forget the blanket!
  • Bring home a luau: Can't get to Hawaii? Bring Hawaii to you! Grab some leis, grass skirts, Hawaiian music, and food and pretend like you're there. It's (almost) as cool as the real thing.
  • Fly a kite: There is something about sending a kite soaring into the sky that soothes the soul. Do it as a family for hours of fun. 
  • Old school field day: Potato sack races, eggs on spoons, and hacky sacks -- it's field day! Bring home the best memory of elementary school and relive it for yourself with your kids.

Who needs a vacay when you can stay home like this?

What will you do for your staycation?


Image via jaygooby/Flickr

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