You Can Save Public Schools. Yes, You!

public school ideasWe've done a lot of kvetching about the sad state of America's public school system here at The Stir. Personally, I've found negotiating a failed system so frustrating that we're talking private school. But now there's a way people like me, and you, and your neighbor, favorite teacher, or thinker can try to get the system back on track. If you have a great idea to move public classrooms into the 21st century, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt wants to hear about it. And if you have an incredible idea, they want to pay you.

That's right, cash money.


The Global Education challenge kicks off today, and HMH is looking for your innovative ideas to help turn tragic statistics around, not just in our communities, but around the world. Like the one that says only 56% of secondary school-aged children are even in school.

So instead of just saying, "If I were in charge, there would be an iPhone in every child's hand," write down your idea, head over to the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt site, and let them know how you would implement your groundbreaking idea in a few paragraphs. Over the summer they'll be asking for feedback from the online community, so get your friends and fellow pro-education people to head over to the site as well to vote you up. It's kind of like the Facebook 'Like' button, but way more important.

There has to be a better way, and you probably know of one. So let everyone else know, and see if you'll be rewarded with the over $250,000 in cash and prizes. Hey, it's better than just sitting around and complaining to the other moms on the playground, right?

What would you do to change our education system?

Image via calculat0r/Flickr

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