25 Kids Activities for Happier Summer Travel

kids feet airplane seat shoes travelWhether by car or train or airplane, you and your family have to get where you're going this summer SO YOU CAN HAVE SOME FUN -- and ideally you'll get there with a little contentment along the way. In order to make happier travel times, your kids will likely need to be entertained along the way. So how are you going to pull that off?

How about if we give you some great activities for entertaining your kids while you travel. In fact, how about if we give you 25 great ideas. That ought to tide them over, huh?


25 Kids Activities for Happier Summer Travel

1. Movies on a portable DVD player

2. License plate game

3. Kid apps

4. Finger puppets

5. Crayons, coloring books & Bare Books

printable paper camping set

6. Printable Paper Camping Set ($7) from Neskita

7. Digital camera

8. Treats

9. iPod (let your child set up their own playlist before you go)

travel tic tac toe

10. Travel Tic Tac Toe Game ($20) from Two Kazoos

11. Lollipops

12. "I Spy"

coleman wrist compass

13. Wrist compass ($3.20) by Coleman

14. Post-it notes (decorate the window or tray table)

mini coloring book

15. Mini Coloring Book ($6) from yaelfran

16. iPad (you're just looking for an excuse, aren't you?)

17. Mad Libs

18. Klutz activity books

19. Sing-alongs (but please not on the plane)

japanese book binding kit

20. Japanese Book Binding Kit ($18) from erinzam

21. Audio books

22. Stickers

23. Loom & Loopers Kit ($2.98) at Amazon

24. Art contest (artful sibling rivalry)

know knots kit

25. Know Your Knots kit ($9.99) from Imagine Childhood

How do you entertain your kids while traveling?


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