50 Super-Fun Things We Love About Summer

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Oh, summertime, how we love thee! And our kids love thee even more because it means summer break and no school for a couple months. So let us take a lovely minute to count all the fun ways we love summer. Here is a family's guide to 50 Super-Fun Things About Summer. Do you agree?


50 Super-Fun Things About Summer

1. Sunshine!

2. Flip-flops

3. No school

4. Talking into fans

5. Bare feet

6. Summer camps

7. Lemonade

8. Picnics

9. Swimming

10. Days at the pool

11. Raft floating

12. Underwater handstands

13. Pool games

14. The smell of sunscreen

15. The smell of chlorine

16. Drying on the warm pavement poolside

17. Eating dinner in your bathing suit

18. Eating dinner in the backyard in your bathing suit

19. Ravenous after-swimming appetites

20. Dry underwear after wet bathing suit

21. Shorts

22. Tank tops

23. Sun dresses

24. Ponytails

25. Pigtails

26. Kiddie sunglasses

27. Summer movie releases

28. Water play

29. Water parks

30. Family vacations

31. Days at the beach

32. Seashell hunts

33. Sand castles

34. Always a little sand left in the shoes

35. Camping

36. Cooking hot dogs on a stick

37. S'mores

38. Finding the Big Dipper

39. Talking to the moon

40. Ice pops

41. Fireworks

42. Sparklers

43. Strawberry shortcake

44. Air conditioning

45. Living room campouts

46. Staying up later

47. Night walks

48. Night walks to ice cream

49. Sleeping without jammies

50. Cool sheets

What are your family's summertime fun favorites?

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