These Field Trips From Hell Feed Parental Fear

school busesIt's hard enough to send your children off to school, out of your sight, and place them in the care of other adults and under the influence of  other children. Okay, some days it's not hard at all, but in general, it's one of those things you know you need to do, and they're usually better off for it. Only sometimes they're not, particularly when it comes to some crazy field trip happenings as of late.

Now I loved field trips as a child; they make up some of my fondest memories of my grade school days -- all that freedom, all the excitement of breaking out of the classroom. So I would never deprive my children of going on them , but the following freak happenings on field trips makes me want to at least volunteer as a chaperone for every single one they go on ... at least until college:


Leopard Attack

Earlier this month in Wichita, Kan., a 7-year-old boy was attacked by a leopard while on a school field trip to the zoo. It sounds like it was his fault -- as he "went over a railing," and he was probably showing off for his friends or something. Fortunately bystanders intervened and he's going to be okay, but still -- NOT the call you want to get from your kid's school.

Poisoned Lunch

This is a bizarre one out of Pennsylvania. Apparently someone was planning to poison a bunch of sixth graders when they ate lunch aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia cruise ship. Police received a note alerting them of the plan, and the plot, fortunately, was foiled. Why would anyone do such a thing? Turns out it may have been two parents planning to do it so they could then sue the ship for damages. Seriously, people.

Bus Accidents

A bus taking students to Gettysburg started emitting smoke from the gear shift. The driver ordered everyone out, and less than a minute later it went up in flames. Talk about a close call. No one is sure what exactly went wrong.

12-Year-Old Gives Birth

Now this would have been just as freaky had it happened at school or anywhere else as no one (supposedly including the girl) had any idea she was pregnant. But still the fact it happened on a field trip makes it extra shocking. And with students having sex on field trips and such, you just never know what can happen aboard a bus.

Yes, I know, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and we can't keep our children locked in a bubble, but these incidents still make me fear field trips a little more.

Do school field trips freak you out?

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