Botox Mom Gets Busted By CPS, But Are They Doing Enough?


botox momChild Protective Services have at last looked into the case of Botox Mom, the San Francisco pageant-pusher who gave her 8-year-old daughter Botox and bikini waxes (among other "beauty treatments"). I'm glad that little Britney is in a safe place and hopefully won't be getting more needles stuck in her face anytime soon.

But why does it seem like CPS too often takes their time investigating obvious nut-jobs like this woman? Sometimes they wait so long that a kid ends up dead.

It seems like every other day there's another horrific story on the news about a child who's been chained to a radiator and starved to death or beaten into a comatose state or, hmm, I don't know, driven into the Hudson River? Meanwhile, I've known moms who managed to raise warning flags over innocent, everyday injuries.

One was a mother of two boys, ages 2 and 4, who spent a good solid few hours at the playground every afternoon. Guess what? Little boys like to jump off of high stuff, particularly when, say, Mommy has turned her back to make sure your brother didn't just eat a piece of chalk or something. My friend's 2-year-old pulled this stunt twice in one month, both times giving himself a decent enough bump on the head for his mom to take him to the emergency room as a precautionary measure. About a week after the second incident, CPS came knocking at my friend's door: Someone on staff at the ER had called in a "tip" based on the little boy's boo-boos. In the end, the CPS workers apologized to my friend for "wasting her time."

But who knows how many seriously abused kids got passed over that day? Another family I knew earned a dreaded CPS visit when blood tests from their toddler's routine check-up showed high lead levels. The parents were renovating their (very old) home at the time; still, they were treated as if they'd been force-feeding their daughter lead paint chips with her applesauce.

Of course it's better to be safe than sorry. Of course it is. It just seems like something in the system needs to be tweaked in a big, big way if kids are going to be kept truly safe.

Do you think the Botox mom should've been investigated sooner?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Oh yea. The kid should have never gotten the injection. Who is the dumb ass giving the injections? Or supplying them? Someone should go after that person as well. CPS can be a good thing but I have seen way to many cases where they feel a child is always best with mom, a week later the kid(s) are dead. Why? Oh because kids thrive around mom.

Amie Castille

Speaking of ridiculous misplaced allegations - I brought my 5 week old daughter to the ER because she had a sudden high fever and I freaked out in my new-mom hormonal mode.  The ER doctor looked at her and pointed to a broken blood vessel on her eye lid, literally a dot of purple toward the inner corner that she was born with and possesses still in her teen years, and asked me if I had given this "bruise" to my baby.  It was so out of left field when I was focused on worrying about all the possible fever diagnoses that it took me a minute to see what she was even talking about.  I said kind of incredulously: it's a birth mark!  She was born with it!  The doctor stared very hard at me, then went in the hall to confer with someone, came back with a male doctor and he checked out the purple dot and asked me about it.  I repeated that it was a birthmark and we were here about her high fever!  They let it go, but the female doctor inspected every inch of the baby's body looking I suppose for more "bruises".  I'll never forget that.  So insane.

PonyC... PonyChaser

I absolutely question CPS when the doctor that was interviewed in this piece was representing DCFS. Department of Children and Family Services. Why, when he first saw the video, wasn't he on the phone to whomever he needed to call in San Francisco? This piece should never have aired in the first place, because HE should have been all over it.

If we're sharing our "protective" stories...  My son mouthed off to me in public. Not bad mouthing, mind you, just sassy. So I swatted his behind (literally, a passing swat, as though you were brushing at a fly), and said, "knock it off, that's rude". A fellow mother was standing near me and told me, "If I still worked in my old job as a Social Worker, I would be obligated, by law, to report you for abusive spanking of that child."

Meanwhile, people are injecting their children with illegal drugs, and DCFS doctors are giving interviews about it.

MamaR... MamaRockett

Lol, cps. They're just another cog in the massive opression machine.

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