Boy Kicked Off School Bus for Gas Was Doing His 'Job'


If there is anything more predictable than 13-year-old boys and fart jokes, it's hard to imagine what it is. But for one school in Ohio, a little boy's fart jokes were no laughing matter.

The boy -- eighth grader Anthony Nichols -- was suspended from the bus to his school after he cut the cheese and made everyone on the bus laugh. The bus driver said Nichols does it all the time, but the parents are peeved. And who can blame them? James Nichols, the father, told AOL: "It's very laughable, that's what it is." He said he spoke with the school's vice principal who "suggested my son should hold his gas on this hour-long bus ride."

Though administrators suggest that this boy was a troublemaker, this particular stunt seems almost expected. After all, what young boy doesn't think that flatulence and poop are the funniest things in the world? Even my almost-3-year-old is scatologically obsessed. It's a boy thing.

Even more to the point, farting is a natural part of our bodies. Much as it is annoying and embarrassing and no one (except 13-year-old boys) actually enjoys passing gas, it's a bodily function and we really can't help but do it.

Suspending a boy for passing gas sets a dangerous precedent. Yes, he was probably doing it on purpose to be funny. But what if the next kid really needs to and holds it because he is afraid? Then what? Will he blow up? Probably not. But he may be extremely uncomfortable and it could lead to other problems. As a parent, I don't want to teach my children to hold their bodies uncomfortably in order to avoid disciplinary action!

It's ridiculous that I have to defend a child's right to pass gas, but here I am doing so. Because you know, Everyone Poops. Well, everyone farts, too. It's life. And 13-year-old boys find it hysterical.

Sure, it's annoying, but come on. Is the school planning to suspend teachers for teaching? Guidance counselors for counseling? Thirteen-year-old boys' jobs are to be annoying and obsessed with flatulence. It's our job to redirect it, not suspend them for natural bodily functions.

Though the boy was eventually allowed back on the bus later, the decision is still ridiculous in the first place.

Do you agree with this decision?


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nonmember avatar Beth

I really think that the adminstrators were right on this one. Granted, having gas is a natural thing, and no one should have to hold it in-but this kid obviously was causing a big commotion on the bus- and had done so many times. I don't think people realize how quickly kids get loud and out of control. I am a teacher, and I know that I could never be a bus driver. They have to put up with so much! This child wasn't just "passing some gas" on a one time occasion. This was obnoxious and rude behavior that made a commotion. This child didn't respectfully stop- this happened a lot! This ABSOLUTLEY does not set a dangerous precedent. What it DOES do, is set the tone to say that you cannot be disrespectful, rude, and inappropriate on the way home! Sure you may have to pass gas, but this was OBNOXIOUS to an extreme! WOW! I can't believe anyone would think this type of behavior should be allowed. This child needs to be suspended to show him this behavior will not be tolerated. I can promise you one thing- I bet his "gas" problems will come to a quick end- no pun intended!

Tal0n Tal0n

Um.  I have Ulcerative colitis. While I no longer ride a school bus, when I did I had IBS.  EVEN if I did NOT, HELLO it's a freakin' fart.

Check this quote from one of the links: "Administrators ruled that the flatulence was in violation of the school's code of conduct..."  REALLY?

I'm sorry.  Some people can control their flatulance to some degree I'm sure, but SERIOULSY?  I'm not a fan of farts, but they're a fact of life.  My freakin' god.

Char_... Char_gal4

I'm a 22 year old girl, and I STILL find poop jokes hilarious.  It's a natural function.  Sure, the commotion on the bus was unneeded, but it's kids.  I have issues myself where I have to consume fiber in order to be able to 'go'.  During the first 2 weeks, I was gassy as all get out.

Leave the kid alone.

Beths... Bethsunshine

How stupid!! Bullies torment other students on buses on a daily basis, and nothing is done about it, yet when a boy passes gas, he gets in trouble?!?

It just amazes me that people can still ask me WHY I homeschool!! Is it any wonder, when kids get kicked off a schoolbus for farting?!?

bela516 bela516

douxmusique - LMAO!!!


This is what 13 year-old boys do.... actually - I work with a bunch of military men and they STILL think this is infinitely funny.  I think it is gross but I am a girl.

But this is the society we live in today where we administratively regulate flatulance and are afraid that keeping score at soccer games will destroy children's self-esteem and pinata's at birthday parties will make our kids into violent thugs.  Insanity.

kisse... kisses5050

masturbation is also natural for 13 old boys but I don't think they should cause a disruption on a school bus with it. Yes, passing gas is a natural bodily function, BUT there is a way of politely dealing a "painful have to" situation and being an obnoxious, rude self entitled brat about it.

nonmember avatar Jen

To the poster who thinks he did it purposely: What species are you? HUMANS can't manufacture emissions on demand. Your body creates gas and it escapes, and sometimes it makes a noise because we were designed with the relief valve between two big hams! Not much you can do about it.

PonyC... PonyChaser

There's a big difference between discreetly passing gas, and making a big production out of it. This case sounds like the boys - there were two of them - were calling attention to themselves and generally causing a ruckus on the bus.I highly doubt that this is a one-off occurrance. As has been pointed out, everyone farts. But not everyone calls attention to it and makes it into a show. I'm guessing that this kid did just that, and repeatedly.

If the kid has a problem, fine. go to the doctor, get it taken care of, make the school aware of the situation. But that still doesn't mean he can act disrespectfully on the bus.

I side with the driver on this one.

nonmember avatar Amy

Seriously? I hope the bus drivers and administrators get Crohns disease. That would be poetic justice

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