Finally! Versace Launching Kids Line

VersaceYou've got to love Versace. They've dressed Madonna. Ashton. Britney. Christina. And now a whole new generation. Yup, Versace is launching a children's line called Young Versace, basically bringing back their discontinued Versace Young line.

Personally, I cannot WAIT for the first tops to come tumbling out for tots. Too many of these designer labels top things out at 4T, but Donatella and her team have thought of the parents of big kids too! And so parents of kids all the way up to age 12 will have the pleasure of sending their little one off to art classes in a top that costs $2,000.

I smell a laundry challenge, ladies!


Whoever can manage to get boogers AND blue paint out of a blouse that cost more than that fancy schmancy Keurig I purchased for the hubs for Father's Day last year wins the pleasure of smacking themselves upside the head for spending that much on a elementary schooler's outfit in the first place! Extra smacks for figuring out how to repair the hole in the knees of the matching pants!

This could be its own reality show! Real Housewives: Laundry Edition. The way those ladies throw back the cocktails and throw the punches, I'm sure there'd be a mother volunteering to dole out the smacks.

Ah, I jest, but it's sooooo not funny. If I had to guess the reason Versace Young was discontinued in the first place, I'd go pretty wild and say it's because kids are filthy little creatures with an unpleasant habit of growing so quickly that the t-shirt you bought on Monday can be a tube top by Thursday. Now there aren't a lot of details out there about the line -- no actual cost sheet anyway -- but another wild conjecture will put the prices somewhere around the adult versions. Which means not likely to be in the average parent's budget any time soon, especially with the state of the economy.

But if you're too broke to buy Young Versace, Mom, have heart. Rich kids use glue and glitter in their fancy art classes too. They wipe snot on their sleeves, and they get grass stains too. Still wish you had the money for kid's couture?

Come to think of it, this is a good thing for all of us regular moms. Because when we shop Old Navy and Target, we really do get the last laugh.

What do you think of this line? Vulgar or par for the course from the world of couture?

Image via ellbrown/Flickr

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