Mom Loses Custody of Kids When She Needs Them Most


Alaina Giordano kids
Alaina Giordano and her kids
Imagine getting the most horrible news a woman and mother of two can imagine -- stage four breast cancer, and a strong likelihood that your life and your time here with your children could be cut short. Then imagine it gets worse and that your kids are taken away in what could be your final months or years.

That's what happened to Alaina Giordano, 37, from Durham, North Carolina. Soon after a terminal breast cancer diagnosis, Giordano's marriage to her kids' father fell apart, and a judge ruled that she must give up custody of both her children -- Sofia, 11, and Bud, 5 -- to her estranged husband who lives in Chicago. The reason? Because of the "deteriorating condition" of her health, despite the fact that her cancer is currently stable and not progressing.

Giordano told ABC News:

Anybody who knows me knows my children are my life. They are what give me strength and part of the reason I’m doing so well.

I don't have terminal breast cancer, but these words ring so true to me. I can only imagine having such a diagnosis would make it pretty hard to get up every morning. However, while there would be excruciatingly difficult days, I imagine, I would be ever grateful -- for both my mental and physical health -- to continue to be an active parent in my kids' lives. I mean, what better people to keep you going than your children? And what better way to stay motivated for living life than to be much needed and called upon on a daily basis? Especially if that's what this mother wants and needs!

The ruling notes that Giordano is currently an unemployed freelance writer and editor; however, is that so hard to believe or fathom, given the circumstances of her health and life right now? With terminal cancer and everything that goes along with that already on her plate, does she really need unemployment to work against her?

Obviously, a court needs to consider the kids' well being first and foremost and we don't know all the details of this custody case, but if this mother is able to get up every day and be a mom to her kids, then why has custody been revoked? How can they take a relationship that will already be cut short away from this woman and away from her children? It's devastatingly life altering, to say the least.

WATCH the news story from ABC here:

What's your opinion on this custody decision? Wouldn't you want your children around as much as possible if this were you?


Image via ABC News

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bills... billsfan1104

This story pisses me off. I have stage 1 grade 3 breast cancer, and even though it is not as bad as this lady's, getting up every day, watching my kids play on the WII, or drive them to volleyball practice, is what kept me going. It gave me purpose and not to give up, because it isnt over, till God says it over and why give him any annumition to pull the plug early?? He ex-husband is a big fucking douchebag for even suggesting this to the courts. I am fucking angry. I want to kick this exhusband in the face. arghhhhhhhh

bills... billsfan1104

And this is one case, where I hope the kids rebel!!!!

Kimberly Virga

So so sad. This made me cry. The world is so unfair sometimes and makes no sense. I will pray for this woman. Her husband is a piece of shit.

acrog... acrogodess

That is so sad. It makes me cry out of anger

Heather Swagga

What kind of an awful human being DIVORCES a woman with breast cancer and then moves all the way away from her and then steals her children away from her at her weakest moment. I hope that jackass gets nothing less than everything he deserves. And I really hope that poor woman gets to see her kids and that her health drastically improves. 

PonyC... PonyChaser

Adding insult to injury... I read on another mommy blog that this woman has phoned an abuse hotline numerous times, reporting her husband. I am guessing that this is a massive mess of a marriage, with a lot of he said-she said going on. And, of course, the kids are stuck in the middle. Still, if the stories that I've read are accurate and contain all the details, I am at a loss as to why any judge would hand the children over to a man who has been reported for abuse.

If you're interested, there has been a facebook page set up in her honor.


Wow, that is so sad. America will take kids away from good parents, and leave children with the most unfit parents possible. Smh

madfoot madfoot

Why doesn't her ex have to pay alimony?!

daisyb daisyb

WOOOOOO......... i can not even comprehend HOW a Psychologist would make that kind of recommendation & then a Judge order it! i love living here in Raleigh/Durham but tonight- i am ashamed of our system.. i hope the judge sees how Heartless he is being & turns this order around very quickly!

Jen Dopson

The whole system is getting a little funny these days. My niece has a very slight learning disability. It seems to run in our mothers family. When my sister got divorced and her ex decided to up and move away. The judge gave him custody, saying my sister caused my niece's learning disability.

How did my sister, a working single mother to two children, cause it? By not participating in everything my niece was involved in in Kindergarten and by not volunteering in the classroom. My ex brother-in-law, however, was unemployed at the time and was there practically every day. So said the judge.

Except, two years later, two years with her dad (who has been going to school and working and leaving my niece in the care of her step-mom 90% of the time) at yet two different school, my niece is still behind in reading.

Like I said, the whole system is getting funny these days. It's almost as if they think "we can't be seen as favoring women anymore". So, hell, lets give all to the dads regardless of whether it's the right thing to do or not.

Meanwhile, some other woman is raising my sister's kid, not even her ex, and she still isn't doing any better in school.

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