Is 12 Years Old Too Young to Have a Girlfriend?

Until you've crossed this bridge with your own little prince, you just won't know how you'll answer this one. I haven't gotten here yet myself, so I'll gladly defer to what I think is a well-balanced and thoughtful response that happy2bme7 gave to nuby's honest question: Is my 12 year old son too young to have a girlfriend?


She says, "My sons are 17 and 15 so I've been there. They both currently have girlfriends. You have to limit time without them catching on and you also have to communicate to them that they are not allowed in either home alone. Boys will be boys.....argh! Spend time with them together and let your presence be known. Also, if you tell him that he can't see her...remember when you were a kid and you'll have your answer there...If you say he can't ~ that's a sure fire way of him saying he can and he may go behind your back and have a girlfriend anyway. If you've laid a good moral foundation, which I'm sure you have, then he'll be fine Mom."

Anyone else been down this road?

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