10 Ancient Myths About Moms Dispelled!

'Mother and Child'Motherhood is one of those things that you just can't prepare for. No matter how many books you read or how many movies you watch, nothing compares to actually being a mother. It's simply amazing. Sometimes perfect, even. But it's not everything you may have thought. Let's debunk some myths about being a mother, shall we?

1. Mothers think their babies are beautiful. One of my first thoughts upon seeing my daughter for the first time was how massive her cone head was and how very much I hoped it was just temporary. Now, I do think my children are beautiful, but they have gone through some pretty questionable phases and I'm ready to cringe all the way through their adolescence.

2. Mothers love children. I've never particularly cared for children. Of course, my own children are miraculous, but the rest of them? No, thank you. Just because I've had my own doesn't mean I love the rest. Or even like them.

3. Mothers love reading. I love reading myself. I love the idea of reading to my children, all of us cuddled up in a cozy blanket, but the reality is never nearly as idyllic. Most nights, I just want story-time to be over.

4. Mothers love cooking. We may love cooking for an appreciative audience (maybe), but slaving away in the kitchen for a crowd who'd be just as happy with pizza kind of sucks. Say "yum" once in a while. We like that stuff.

5. Mothers don't need much sleep. Correction: Mothers don't get much sleep. Which is why we're always exhausted.

6. Mothers don't have favorite children. Sometimes we do. Personally, my favorite child is usually the one who is being the least of a pain in my ass at any moment in time, but I have friends who openly admit to having a favorite. We're only human.

7. Mothers don't find their children disgusting. Just because we have to clean up that explosive diaper or stomach bug incident doesn't mean we're not gagging over it. We totally are.

8. Mothers require no thanks. Of course we require thanks! Preferably in the form of a day at the spa.

9. Mothers love every moment of motherhood. We love being mothers, but sometimes we hate it, too. And that's totally normal.

10. Mothers love their children more than they thought possible. OK, never mind. That one is totally true.

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MTNes... MTNester1

Yes, there were days when I could have happily given them away, and days when no amount of money could take them from me.  Parenthood is the great roller coaster of life.  :)

aMisf... aMisfitMommy

My babies weren't beautiful until they outgrew their newborn-alien phase.

When my daughter was born, she had the ears of Pee Wee Herman.  I never said anything about it, and they look okay now, but when my sister-in-law commented on them, I wanted to scratch her eyes out!

Exurb... ExurbanCowgirl

I don't mind story time but I hate bath time with a passion...it's like get this over with before I drown somebody....

Connie Roberts-Huth

I have HUGE issues with other people's children!! *shakes head* It's hilarious when I tell other moms and they just laugh like I'm attempting wit. Um, no.

And the longer we're in puberty, the more often Mommy needs a time out of her own to keep from offing the tween diva/drama queen!! At least she knows I love her, right?

Vanessa Pereira-Hagen

PERFECT! LOL Thank you! :)   ...and Exurbancowgirl-I HEAR YA! Bathtime makes me a lil nutty too

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