Low-Income Parents Feel Ignored by Kids' Schools

booksHow ironic. It's uber-billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates that have researched and charted the relationship (or lack thereof) between poor parents and their children's high schools. Through their self-named foundation, the Gates' sponsored a new report entitled One Dream, Two Realities: Perspectives of Parents on America's High Schools--and the findings are revealing.


While it seems all parents have the same long term goals for their children--success--low-income parents, according to the report, don't have the same relationships with their children's high schools that wealthier parents do; not by a long shot.

For example, the study found that while 70% of the parents whose kids go to high-performing schools felt informed about graduation requirements and the college admissions process, only 38% of their counterparts whose children go to low-performing schools felt the same. Not surprisingly, 85% of high-performing school parents felt they were actively encouraged to be involved, but only 47% of the low-performing school parents felt similarly. And the comparisons go on.

Do you feel involved with and respected by your child's high school?

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