5 Rainy Day Sanity Savers for Mom

splashing in rainWell, April's over, but it turns out the old saying's wrong. Sure, we've got May flowers, but the showers keep on coming. And for kids who have spent all winter looking forward to finally having free rein in the backyard, rainy days are nothing but a drag. 

Which is nothing on the outright "yank my hair out" feelings of their parents. Come on! We've been cooped up with these kids all winter, and now the rain's trying to keep us down? They don't call it raining on your parade for nothing, Mom.

But it's Mother's Day week, and we feel for you Mom. When all your tried and true tricks for a rainy day are exhausted, here are some honest-to-goodness sanity savers to trot out:


Throw a California King Sheet Over the Dining Room Table: Instant fort. Now go watch your stories, ladies, because they're not coming out until dinnertime. I can just about guarantee it.

Put on an Art Show: There's nothing like a day of coloring, crafting, and covering the dining room table in glue and glitter to get kids' creative juices flowing. But when it's been raining for days, it's entirely possible to run out of craft projects. So take what you've got, hang all her work exhibit-style in the house -- then invite "fans" into the "gallery." They'll be so high on the praise from someone other than Mom, you can guarantee another few days of crafting in the rainy days to come!

Go Outside: Hello, they're kids, not the Wicked Witch of the West! They won't melt! As long as it's a relatively warm rain, and you're not too concerned about having extra laundry to do, pull out the swimsuits, then let them go run around in it to get some of that excess energy out. As my friend Erica points out, "The fragrance of rain hitting the hot asphalt should be bottled."

Papier Mache: Get their hands good and goopy and make a giant pinata -- the bigger, the longer it will occupy them. If it's still raining the next day, it's time for smashing it!

Make Toy Boats: Listen, there's a lot of water out there. And when it stops raining, there will be a lot of puddles. So cut the anticipation with a project that gets them pumped for a sailing adventure.

Not enough? How about translating some of these snow day ideas into something that works for spring?

What are your tried and true rainy day activities?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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