How to Create a Waterproof Kid in 4 Easy Steps

whale rain boots rainbootsSpringtime can be wet and drippy and drizzly -- and say it isn't so, it's pouring rain outside again! Moms with stir-crazy kids are wishing the old man would stop snoring already. Their children need to get outside and burn off some energy.

Here's an idea to save your sanity -- why not waterproof your kids the best you can and then lovingly shuffle them out into the backyard for playtime in the rain. After all, walking and dancing in the rain and stomping in puddles is darn good fun, especially because it's generally forbidden. Our kids just aren't typically dressed appropriately for serious rainy day play, right?

We've put together 4 Steps to Creating a Waterproof Kid. Your kids be so well geared up that they can romp in the mud too if they want (don't worry, moms; hoses were made precisely for this reason).


Create a Waterproof Kid in 4 Easy Steps

widgeon plain lined raincoat yellow

Step 1: A waterproof kids must have a rain coat, and who doesn't love a yellow slicker? A jacket like this Widgeon Kids Plaid Lined Raincoat (now $35.20) from Zappos will keep your kid warm as well as dry.

whale rain boots rainboots

Step 2: Next your child will need a pair of waterproof rain boots, like these Happy Whales Rain Boots ($19.99) from Target. Dry feet are happy feet.

black rain pants navigator

Step 3: Rain pants are important for a really wet and wild adventure in the rain. Lands' End has waterproof Navigator Rain Pants ($24.50) for boys and girls.

pluie black flower umbrella

Step 4: Your kid's got to have an umbrella. Not because she wants to stay dry but because they're so fun to twirl about in the rain. Love this Pluie Pluie Black Flower Umbrella  ($17.99) from Berry Styles.

Another great place to stock up on rain gear is your local thrift store. You can find great waterproof coats, pants, and sometimes even gently worn rain boots for just a few bucks a piece.

Have your kids enjoyed any playtime in the rain yet this spring?

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