9 Must Play Games to Get Your Kids Outdoors This Summer

kids playing water balloons
Have you ever noticed that kids just can't wait for the school year to end? They're itching to finally get out from behind a desk and run around and jump and play and be a KID? And then two days after summer vacation begins, you walk downstairs in the morning to find them sitting on the couch looking like bumps on a log?

It's not that they don't want to have fun, but all that being in school, being told what to do all day has fried their PLAY brains. They don't know how to do it without being told. So here's a must-play, can't-fail list of games that will keep them outside and spark their creativity. They won't only just stay out there for a good long while being a normal kid, but you won't have to keep dragging them out there every day. Here goes:


1. Hose plus lawn equals mud. And mama wants a pie! The messiest kid is the winner!

2. Hot potato; played with water balloons.

3. Dig for China. What, Mom said we can dig in the lawn? Better yet: it's China, they'll be at it for days.

4. Pooh sticks in ditches. Best for the bigger kids with enough sense to steer clear of the cars, but throwing a few items into the rainwater and running down to the other end of the ditch is great fun. Even more fun? Watching what ELSE comes washing through.

5. Manhunt. Like hide and seek with flashlights. After dark!

6. Camping in the middle of the day. A game of pretend more so than a traditional "game," this is fun for kids who like having everyone drive by wondering what the heck they're doing. If you have a ham, this is the game for them.

7. Freeze tag.

8. Touch football.

9. Frisbee. 

What games kept you occupied for hours when you were a kid?


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