Pliers-Wielding Mom Goes After Would-Be Kidnapper

Micah Green
Micah Green
When a man attempted to kidnap an 8-year-old girl on her way home from school last Friday in Orlando, she was able to fight him off and run home. But that wasn't the last that would-be kidnapper would hear of the girl (who's not being identified because of her age), though he likely wishes it had been.

First of all, kudos to the brave girl. A spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff's Department told ABC: "She looked back and felt him grab her. She screamed and pushed him. She cut loose and ran home." Good for her.

I can't imagine what I'd do if my son or daughter came home and told me a similar story. Probably have a panic attack, call the police, and sit there imagining how much I'd like to do what the mother did next when she went all bad ass mama bear.


She put her daughter in the car and went to track the dude down. When she spotted the man her daughter had identified as the would-be snatcher, she hopped out of the car and chased him down with a big old pair of pliers!

The man, identified as Micah Green, was terrified. He ran into a convenience store yelling, "She's going to kill me, she's going to kill me." And perhaps she would have. She told those in the store what had happened, and they helped keep the man there until police arrived.

Turns out the guy had a huge rap sheet; this was his 10th arrest since 2002. He claims he's innocent and said it's a "publicity stunt." Whatever, way to go mama bear in helping get this guy off the street.

While it's not safe or advisable for citizens to take justice into their own hands, it's awfully satisfying when they succeed like this. If only she'd had a chance to use those pliers ...

How do you think you would react if someone attempted to kidnap your child?

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