Mom Gets 'F' in Parenting for Beating Child for 'F' Grade


wooden spoonsWow, here's a stellar example of an amazing parental role model. NOT! Daymaris Vazquez, 35, a mom in Tampa, was arrested yesterday and charged with child abuse for beating her 12-year-old son for getting a failing grade on his report card.

According to the arrest report, Vazquez hit her son with a wooden and a metal spatula and hit him in the face with her hand -- hard enough to break his glasses and scrape his nose. And that much abuse wasn't enough apparently, so she also choked him and told him she would kill him.

All because the kid got an F in school! You think the beating brought his grades up?

I know there is no degree in parenting, but if there was, this mom deserve a big old effing F. I mean, how does she think beating a child for a bad grade is going to, in any way, help his grades? I guess she's never heard of after-school tutoring or lifting her child up when he's down or struggling. She didn't take the course that shows you how being a loving parent can also be part of being tough parent.

And just how did she think this "disciplinary action" was going to play out? Be a horrible, abusive human being and work at making your child into a horrible, numbed-out human being -- and that'll get his grades up? Break his spirit; fix his grades? Hit the kid; he'll hit the books? Huh?

As last reported, Vazquez was arrested, charged with child abuse, and being held at a Hillsborough County Jail with no bail set. Maybe if they beat her and choke her while she's in there, she'll become a better mother.

What's the right thing to do should your child come home with an F grade?


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Heather Swagga

It depends on why he got the "F". If it was because he's being a slacker, I'd take away privileges( tv, phone, friends over). If he got the "F" because it's a subject he really just doesn't get or is really struggling to do well in, I'd ask that he set up tutoring after school with his teacher or find some other way of helping him. 

As for that "parent".... Wow. I'm speechless. When I discipline, it's for a purpose, for a reason. To learn a lesson. Beating a child senseless serves no purpose. Seems to me like she's depending on validation of herself by demanding her child be an "A" student. How sad for her poor kid. 


I think we can see why he received that F.  I agree with Heather, grounding always worked with my kids.

butte... butterflymkm

I like heathers response. Find out why he got the f and go from there

angev... angevil53

sounds like the old way of parenting, wooden spoons and hangers also seemed to do the trick when i was growing up!

missa... missann302

beating a child only gets a temporary behavior change.  most children that have gotten abused end up resenting their parents.  there's a difference btw punishing out of love and beating out of ignorance.

Mooki... MookiesMom739

I remember my daughter's grandmother used to threaten my daughter with a wooden spoon, never actually hit her but it was enough of a deterrant to keep her from acting up... but I think that mom went overboard with her "punishment".  The article doesn't tell us whether or not this was behavior that he has repeated over time.  Hopefully SOMEONE will bother to investigate and see why he is getting poor grades.. it is seldom black & white.

CoolR... CoolRelax

I would bet that the mom was abused.  What she did to her kid was horrible. 

But I'm not anti-spank.  I would have been scared shytless to bring an F home to my old school West Virginia, teacher parents.  Shoot, I got my buns toasted for bringing home a C in English - because it was my best subject and I was just being lazy.  If my girls bring home an "F" they're getting spankings, along with taking away privileges and grounding.  Their lives will be a living hell until that grade comes up. 

Anast... Anastazia975

I hope while she is in jail she puts two and two together to reallise that maybe, just maybe, beating her kid and saying I'm going to kill you, could have been the reason the grade(s)were poor? Putting that much stress on a kid can break them. Also, why the hell is a grade worth your freedom, and your childs love? Stupid woman. I hope that little boy has someone in his life that will love him regardless of his grades.

Zamaria Zamaria

It just depends on the reason. If it's something that's very difficult for the kid, I understand an F. If it's just that they were being lazy, I would ground them until they re-took the test and got a better grade. My kid has to make at least 90% on a test to even pass though.

chame... chamelinmom

you know what. at least one parent is brave enough to care about their child grade leaving him to the responsibility

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