'Birds & Bees' Are Not Easy for Anyone (Even Famous People)! (VIDEO)

Talking with kids about sex, even for highly educated, very intelligent, enlightened, open-minded, liberal people, is never easy. This is a fact that is illustrated beautifully by comedian and former Saturday Night Live star Julia Sweeney in a monologue on Minnesota Public Radio.

When children ask hard questions, we are supposed to answer only the question asked, as Sweeney explains in the monologue, but with certain questions, you may just end up on the end of the path you never wanted to start in the first place.

See her hilarious take on the "birds and the bees" talk below:


It should NOT be this complicated, right? I mean, I'm a cool mom who writes about sex and death without flinching. I have no secrets and have been open about everything since birth, and yet when I was confronted by a dead bird and my daughter's innocent questions, I wanted to run screaming.

I don't want to have to tell her anything about death, so I can imagine that once she starts in on sex questions, I will feel the same. I guess we all just do the best we can, and in the meantime, it's awfully nice to know that we aren't alone. 

Thanks to Julia Sweeney for reminding me of that. Even though I wish I could put it off, it's nice to know I will at least be able to laugh about it once I inevitably flub it all.

How did you explain sex to your kids?


Image via YouTube

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