5 Kid Activities to Save the Earth & Your Sanity

Earth Day PledgeEarth Day may be the perfect kid holiday ... for parents. No need to buy them anything and plenty of activities designed to make you feel like you're a really good parent to be raising such a productive little member of society. Can we say ego boost for Mom and Dad?

The countdown is on until April 22, but you don't have to wait for the big day to get them busy with some Earth Day crafts. Check out these crafty Earth Day activities from some of the web's coolest moms:


Earth Day Pledge by Babalisme. Print this pre-made pledge on cardstock, and let your elementary schooler practice penmanship as they make a promise to Mother Earth on what they'll do to help take care of her.

Crayon Art

Melted Crayon Art by Kitty Baby Love. Kids have the word "recycle" drummed into their heads these days, but there are three Rs to be learned -- reduce, recycle, and REUSE. What better way than by melting down all those broken crayons to make new ones? Get the details on making these kitties, then let your kids pick their own critter and adapt the instructions.

Seed satchel

Kid's Seed Satchel by Sugar in My Bowl. How do you get your kids excited about planting? Before telling them they've got permission to play in the dirt (love!), sit down to make them their own little satchel for their seeds.

driftwood mobile

Driftwood Mobile by Crow Roosters Crow. Winter's just about gone, so get them back outside to enjoy the good old outdoors with a hunt for cool sticks. You'll get a kick out of their discoveries, and they can take them home to make some cool art.

plastic bag parachutes

Plastic Bag Parachutes by FlipFlops & Applesauce. Try as we might, somehow plastic bags still end up in the house. Teach your tots the importance of keeping them out of a landfill (and remembering your fabric bags) with some fun parachutes for their stuffed animals.

What do you have planned for Earth Day?

Images via Babalisme; Kitty Baby Love; Sugar in My Bowl; Crow Roosters Crow; FlipFlops & Applesauce

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