Keeping Your Kids Busy With the Latest BK® Handheld

burger king The following is a post from our sponsor, Burger King.

Sure, your tech gadget is full of little gaming apps that keep your kids busy, while you’re doing decidedly more important things. (Frankly, they can work your gadget better than you can.) But once the luster of “shiny new thing” wears off, your kids get bored, and they’re on to the next great thing. So how do you keep your kids happy and, at the same time, make your life a little easier?


Well ... you run out and grab this year’s tastiest BK® handheld. The all-new Chicken Tenders from BURGER KING®. Okay, okay. Maybe comparing the new Chicken Tenders with a latest tech gadget is a bit of a stretch. You can’t ACTUALLY use them to call your mother-in-law. But you have to admit, there are some parallels:

  • The all-new Chicken Tenders make connecting with your kids a snap. Pick some up for your kids and tell us you don’t come out looking like the cool parent (you don’t even have to tell your husband).
  • They can help manage your social networks because they’re available in four, eight, and twenty pieces (enough for your son’s entire soccer team).
  • They’re totally portable -- which is perfect for the times between school letting out and music practice.
  • And they’re fully customizable ... in BBQ, Ranch, Sweet & Sour, Honey Mustard, Buffalo, or Zesty (which is more than you can say for the profile on your social networking page).

Lightly seasoned and crispy on the outside, tender and juicy white meat on the inside, the all-new Chicken Tenders are this year’s tastiest BK® handheld. So while your kids may still like the occasional game download on your phone, they’ll LOVE the taste of the all-new Chicken Tenders. And here’s something worth texting about: The four-piece Chicken Tenders are now just a dollar at BURGER KING®. Price and participation may vary. Prices higher in AK & HI.

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