'Tangled' Finally Solves An Age-Old Mom Problem

Rapunzel dollThe hairbrush fight is legendary in some households. Kids run out of the house looking like they've got something growing in that rats nest, and their parents just go with it. Because after the 25th morning in a row, the fight in you is gone.

But I may have just solved this one for all the parents of princess fans out there. Her name is Rapunzel. She's the star of Tangled. And I discovered her power completely by accident.


See we have hit 5 1/2 in our house, when little girls apparently go through a stage I'll call "not old enough to brush my own hair, but gosh darn it, I'm going to pretend I can." It's the aforementioned rats nest about 90 percent of the time. And the front tends to fall in her yogurt at lunch time because she won't let it be put UP in a ponytail. Yes, I'm now "that" parent. The one who gives up.

The looks I get from other parents have left me tempted to cut off that long, beautiful hair. But we were saved just in time. Disney sent an advance screener copy of the new Tangled DVD to my house. The first time I saw it back in the theaters,  I was over the moon (Yes, I've got a bit of mom crush on Disney for that one). Rapunzel was so spunky! So feisty!

But I made the "mistake" of showing it to my daughter BEFORE giving her a haircut and while she was playing with the new Rapunzel doll with super long hair that Daddy just bought her. We now hear, daily: "I want to have long hair like Rapunzel."


Yes, her hero has super long beee-yoooo-ti-ful hair, the sort that is making Rapunzel dolls like the one she just got from Daddy go flying off the shelves . . . just so little girls can brush, brush them. And a strategy has emerged. If they can brush their doll's hair, they have to submit to having their hair brushed. If they want long hair that's as beautiful as Rapunzel's, they have to submit to having their hair brushed. I've played her hero's strengths as my strength, and it's working so far.

What do you do to end the hairbrush fights? Do your kids submit easily?


Image via Disney Store

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