Drug-Pushing Ice Cream Man Melts Another Childhood Joy

ice creamWhen I think of summers growing up, I remember the joy of hearing the musical tunes that signaled the ice cream man. Racing into the house, screen door slamming behind me to beg for money. When I was lucky, I then raced off to find that truck and get my treat from this magical man. Now, some ass has gone and ruined those kinds of future memories for children everywhere whose parents are going to be concerned the ice cream man has more than push-ups in their truck and may be also pushing drugs from it. Yes, beware the ice cream man!

In New York recently, Louis Scala and 31 other people were busted in a huge drug sting in which they were buying and selling drugs from an ice cream truck. There amongst the bomb pops and ice cream sandwiches were oodles of oxycodone pills -- choose your flavor.


Louis Scala's Lickety Split truck would pull up in upscale neighborhoods and sell ice cream to kids one minute and drugs to druggies the next. It was genius, really, because who in the hell would suspect the ice cream man. It was quite profitable too -- they apparently raked in more than $1 million in a one-year period. But at such a high cost for the rest for us ... in so many ways.

Runners were lured in to do the dirty work too. Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan told Reuters:

This narcotics organization was as predatory as any I have ever seen -- in its structure and distribution practices. Most of the individuals recruited to fill bogus prescriptions were among society's most vulnerable -- young, financially desperate, and addicted to oxycodone.

I'm not naive; I know drugs are sold under most of our noses, every day, but did they really have to go there -- to the ice cream truck? There are so few innocent childhood joys that are innocent anymore. Sell your drugs if you must, but don't taint childhoods and put children in dangerous drug-dealing situations.

I hope whatever charges those arrested face, the judge takes into account the disappointed children everywhere whose parents are going to just say no to the ice cream man after hearing this story.

Do you let your children get treats from the ice cream man? Will this story change your mind?

Image via mecredis/Flickr

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