4th Graders on Cocaine -- Just Say Oh Hell No

cocaine coke linesFourth grade is the best! Playing four-square and hopscotch and roller skating in your driveway. School is still fun. You love all your teachers. On occasion, you look up words like "sex" in the dictionary. You like Barbie dolls and experience your first crush on the kid sitting next to you -- although you'd never tell anyone about it. Such good times.

Good times until someone busts out the cocaine -- wait, huh? Well, that's what happened in a Washington D.C. elementary school this week. A fourth grader was charged with drug possession after bringing cocaine to school -- cocaine that four other students proceeded to snort and swallow before ending up sick and in the hospital.

Oh yeah, fourth grade is awesome. Ugh ...


Luckily all the kids came out of this incident fine, but what the hell is going on? There are about three gajillion questions that need to be answered. Here are the first five that come to mind:

  1. Where does a fourth grader get cocaine?
  2. How does a fourth grader know what to do with cocaine?
  3. What kind of horrible parental figures does that coke-pushing kid have who either have cocaine around the house and/or allow their kid to be around people who have or deal cocaine?
  4. Where do a handful of nine or ten year olds go at school to snort/swallow cocaine?
  5. And, of course, what is the world coming to?

The parents at this school must be flabbergasted. Most of us with elementary school kids are aware that situations of drugs and alcohol (hopefully, with other people's kids and not ours!) will show up on the radar in middle school at the earliest; however, fourth grade is insanely early to see such a serious drug on campus --- and being snorted! For some reason, knowing that the kids actually went about snorting it freaks me out most of all! That's some hardcore madness!

I hope they get this kid some help, but any kid snorting coke in fourth grade, no doubt, has some harrowing issues ahead.

Have you ever heard of elementary school kids being involved in this type of serious drug use?

Image via Kaiban/Flickr

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