Texting School Bus Driver Deserves Worse Than Jail


A Connecticut school bus driver was arrested last week after police discovered she had sent more than 1,000 text messages while driving the bus for the Trumbull school district. Even worse, the arrest only came because the driver's daughter, Jennifer Davila, a bus monitor on the bus driven by her mother, was arrested last year for allegedly assaulting a 9-year-old autistic girl multiple times while the girl was riding on the bus. During the investigation, they stumbled onto this, too.

Evelyn Guzman may have just been arrested and released on bail, but for the parents of these children, it's likely a nightmare. After all, who do we entrust more with our children's lives than the school bus driver? And she was texting?

Look, we all know texting while driving is a stupid thing to do. We all know it can have life altering consequences. And yet, some still do it. Dumb as it is when you do it in your personal car, it's 1,000 times more dumb when you're driving dozens of children. Can you imagine?

Last month, in the article linked above, I wrote that a texting father who lost his daughter in a crash shouldn't be sent to jail. And while it may seem like a reversal of stance to say that a father who killed his daughter while texting and driving does NOT deserve jail whereas a bus driver who killed no one DOES, there is a method to my madness.

Texting and driving is a stupid decision no matter how you look at it. I have admitted that I used to do it in the past, though I'm now careful to put my phone in the back seat to remove temptation. Still, even those of us who have done it generally understand that it isn't a smart move and wouldn't do so while we have others in the car, especially when we were transporting other people's children.

The father who lost his daughter paid more of a price than jail could ever be. We can all learn from him. Meanwhile, this bus driver has paid no price. She will just keep on texting and driving and be angry that she was even fired from her job. After all, nothing even happened. She is the exception, right?

The problem, of course, is that she isn't. What she did endangered the lives of dozens of children every day. It also endangered the lives of anyone on the road. She has to pay consequences for what she did.

Besides, it sounds like her whole family is kind of a mess. Maybe jail would do some good and help teach both her and her daughter that you can't treat people poorly (especially children!) and get away with it.

Do you think she should go to jail?


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Mamab... MamabearC

Both she and her daughter should be in jail for their crimes.No doubt.

ivy801 ivy801

Yes jail time for her and her daughter. why do people text while driving it is one of the things I see people doing that drives me up the wall.

Majic... Majicaleve

Texting while driving makes healines, granted is a school bus, But I tried to find out more about the daughter and her abusing a child with Autism and I can't find anything.

This upsets me beyond reason, we entrust our children to the care of individuals like this and this is what happens.  Once the child leaves our home to go to school they are responsible for them, for thier lives and this is happening.  no wonder I drive my 4 year old Autistic son to school every day......................

Libia... Libiasmommy

I am a bus driver in North Carolina! We are aloud to have phones but they are strictly for emergency use only as we live in the country where on my route there are no stores in a 10 mile radius. What this woman and her daughter did is crazy and the daughter should get life IMO and the mom deserves jail time too.

cresc... crescentmoon333

Is it a Connecticut law that there is no texting and driving? If not, then no she should not go to jail. If it is, then she should be punished according to the law. I don't agree with her actions but if you don't want it happening then you need to push for it to be a law so that when they are caught they will face the consequences.

Oh and you are a hypocrite. One should be punished and not the other? So, basically it's okay as long as you kill someone because you have the punishment of guilt. That's stupid.

mdmom mdmom


audra... audra1010

it should be illegal to text and drive.  wait, isn't it already illegal to talk on your cell or text in a school zone?  And i can imagine that a bus driver is ALWAYS in the school zone.  stupid woman.

jkirene jkirene

Agree that the bus driver should be given a punishment, but that father who was texting and lost his daughter...it could have been someone else's daughter.  It could have been the person in another car.  He WAS putting other people's lives at risk. 

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